One thing I can say is that I know what I want out of this life. I'm not afraid to ask for it or go and get it. You can't be indecisive when it comes down to something or someone that you want. I've never been the shy or afraid type especially when it comes to something I desire. I'm destined for greatness no matter the situation or circumstances that are put before me because I'm fearless. Why be afraid when I have a God on my side that makes all things possible. Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts we create, fear is a choice and I'm choosing to get what and who I deserve. Foodforthought ConfidentMan Nocockiness Powermoves ambitionispriceless thinking lifelessons wisewords goandgetit doer
They don't want my love. They just want my potential... DestinedForGreatness ImJustBeingHonest Nocockiness Justconfidence imjustbeinghonest imfeelingthesehashtags lol