Promise me you'll leave without turning back Don't look back at me, I'm not what you lack Set your sights away, there's a whole new world that awaits Just remember me if you're ever sad Don't think I can bear it but I'll try I just want to stand there by your side Hurts too much when I look in your eyes Day by day, I run out of tears to cry I need a man like- A man who gets what I do, knows what he's getting into By dating me (yeah) A man that always stays true, always know what to do To comfort me When the whole world turns against me, I need you to hold me down When the loss & pain makes my heart bleed, that's when I need you around 'Cause even through the pouring rain, you'll still be my (baby) Please tell me you feel the same and we'll get by If you need me, you just call me, and I'll run to you Doesn't matter, any city, 'cross the country, if you promise to Only look at me Guess we weren't meant to be Love works imperfectly I tried my best but I couldn't get you to see You couldn't wait for me to see if we could push away the clouds in our sky So you passed me by. Baby, oh please tell me, did you have to leave? Thought you were my man, take a look at what you've done to me Now every night I lie awake, just dreaming of all that we could've been And every step I have to take feels like a mile after I saw you in that Tux oh you in your tux (Standing there next to her) That should be in my wedding dress, oh you in your tux with her and not me Oh no ~ Terry He cover mix up (Weddingdress , Ineedagirl , HaruHaru and onlylookatme) I edited it cos if I said it will make me sound like I'm intrested in women. ~ I feel dark inside and empty you left me like this aye ~