Vanessa and Silvan strike a pose after being told about the Black Hole of Calcutta on European Calcutta Tour. Incrediblecalcutta Heritage EuropeanCalcutta Blackhole british history
Time to move on from all that was beautiful to go ahead and create more wonderfully beautiful moments. Happy New Year World 2014 It was awesome to have you walking with us. Here's to another year! Incrediblecalcutta Heritage Walk
Morning news... Incrediblecalcutta Rickshaw Newspaper
House of Astrology in Calcutta. This is only possible in Calcutta. Kolkata Incrediblecalcutta door bw black white old shops indianigers igersindia ig_india igers india
The master craftsman at work in Kumartuli on the Goddess Beckons Tour. It is really humbling to see him work. A lifetime's experience in every deft move he makes. Incrediblecalcutta GoddessBeckonsTour Artisans clay Calcutta calcuttaphototours vivekananda
I love eating at these old school Udipi restaurants. Reminds of the days I used to go to these with my Grand dad... Somehow they seemed much more fun than what kids feel when they go to the KFCs and McDonald's of the world today... And these udipi places serve healthier food for sure! Incrediblecalcutta Nostalgia
Awesome Wetlands, just a little off the urban jungle... Incrediblecalcutta Calcutta Kolkata Water boat fishing heaven blue
Suvendu Chatterjee, maybe the last set of people who have the expertise to take care of those majestic clocks in those imposing clock towers that are around Calcutta. His whole life has passed in taking care of these beauties. Incrediblecalcutta Clock Clocktower Church heritage history Calcutta_trivia calcuttaphototours
On a tour by the river... Lovely light... Hooghlysflowerfest Incrediblecalcutta
Rectangles of the past. Old Calcutta Kolkata Incrediblecalcutta door window urban decay brick wall shutter blue india heritage bengali
St. Patrick's Day celebrations hosted by Mr. M K Jalan, Honorary Consul of Ireland, Kolkata & Mrs. Shashi Prabha Jalan. Stpatricksday Ireland Kolkata Incrediblecalcutta irish
Missing . In more ways than one! Wall Poster Incrediblecalcutta calcuttaphototours
Good to see new tram stop signs being put up. The city does need signs and surely the trams. Incrediblecalcutta Tram Sign Heritage transport green ecofriendly happy calcuttaphototours
Before setting out for the day! Rickshaws Incrediblecalcutta Blackandwhite Whywealllovecalcutta Calcutta
The "Evil Eye" on the Hooghly's Flower Fest Tour. Hooghlysflowerfest Flowermarket Incrediblecalcutta Flower strange
Random act of kindness! The men at the Chinese club at the Sea Ip Church suddenly ordered for toast and lovely chai for everyone visiting there on the CultureKaleidoscopeTour . Incrediblecalcutta Whywealllovecalcutta
Jamshed-e-Navroz The Parsi New Year, Jamshed-e-Navroz is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Shehenshai calendar followed by the Zoroastrian faith. Named after the Persian ruler Jamshed, in whose reign the festival began, Jamshed-e-Navroz is symbolic of rejuvenation and rebirth. As in all the other New Year festivals, at Navroz too there's much excitement in the air. Homes are cleaned and decorated with ornate rangolis, new clothes are worn, and greetings- along with the customary sweets- are exchanged. This being the start of a new year, prayers are offered at the Fire Temple, and it’s usual for people to go thrice to the temple during the day to worship Khorshed and Meher, the two divine beings who preside over the sun and the moon respectively. Incrediblecalcutta CultureKaleidoscopeTour Festival Parsi zoroastrian persian navroz calcuttaphototours Source :
Just before starting today's tour Sanjana (the girl in the extreme right came smiling to me). I remembered giving her crayons and pencils one of guests had got with her from back home (Denmark I think). She asked me if I had more. I promised to get some for her the next time. She studies in the local municipal school. Class 4 she said proudly. All her sisters study too! It was a happy start to today! Calcutta Kolkata Incrediblecalcutta India girls education school street donate
In Calcutta ? Love Clouds ? Look up! Incrediblecalcutta
Ganga Arti in technicolour. Incrediblecalcutta Ganges hooghly religion Calcutta kolkata river sky clouds hindu hinduism tradition
Black Hole - Fact or Fiction? Find out on our European  Calcutta Tour Incrediblecalcutta calcutta kolkata calcuttaphototours heritage history english raj british blackhole
The Journey Calcutta Street Incrediblecalcutta
Time out!! It was fun stopping by a lovely photo exhibition by Michael Kenna. Thanks for the company Sarah! Photo Exhibition Incrediblecalcutta
Photographers, Calcutta lovers and anyone else who feels like an early morning walk, join us tomorrow morning at 6 am to discover Calcutta and contribute for a good cause. HOPE Foundation and Calcutta Photo Tours come together to raise some money for repairs of the Kidderpore Education Centre. Royal Family Photographer Sam Hussein will be there to share tips on photography. See for details : Incrediblecalcutta Hopefoundation Charity
A Lover's Promise - immortalised in marble! Incrediblecalcutta Heritage History Calcutta_trivia EuropeanCalcuttaTour
That so very perfect moment... Fun on the Mesmerizingmarketstour Incrediblecalcutta Bald men india phototour
Osama, Cinema and a Whole Lot of Black Money by The Stray Factory. Very very awesome play! Theatre Incrediblecalcutta
Jubanashwa Mishra of the Oneweekjobindia project on the CultureKaleidoscopeTour . What a stimulating morning! Incrediblecalcutta
Queenie from Hong Kong rediscovers her love for Photography at the artisans' colony of Kumartuli . Incrediblecalcutta Clay idols Calcutta artisans potters GoddessBeckonsTour
Light and Shadow on the Mesmerizing Markets Tour... Pure photographic Fun. Incrediblecalcutta Mesmerizingmarketstour
Laal Salaam, spotted at Indian Coffee House on College Street. Incrediblecalcutta Communism Grunge Poster
Sepia Love. Incrediblecalcutta Phototour Sepia Love river hooghly
Rainbow around the Sun today at Calcutta ! Wow! Incrediblecalcutta nature freak kolkata
On our Hooghlysflowerfest Tour came across her drying her saree at the ghat. They are Bengalis from Maharashtra ... Off Chandrapur district. On talking to them I found out that they are from Pakistan originally (could not really find more people to confirm whether they meant East Pakistan, as all of them were saying Pakistan) and have been living in Maharashtra for generations. Speaking very native Bangla their Hindi had a Maharashtran touch to it. Many spoke Marathi too. About 700 of them had come to Bengal on a pilgrimage. Fascinating!!! What makes leading these tours the fun they actually are. I want to grow old doing this. But now the sad part. Since my back was acting up I had not carried my camera with me! I kicked myself when I saw all of them there today. Lesson I learned today : Never be without your camera. Incrediblecalcutta whywealllovecalcutta history tradition ethinicgroups stories wow nocamera
Shubo Noboborsho... শুভ নববর্ষ। from the part of Calcutta that is still so very quintessentially Calcutta.Bengali Happy New Year Incrediblecalcutta Babuskolkata
Maha Asthami at Laha Baadi. Traditional Raaj baadi pujos are the best. Durgapuja Kolkata Incrediblecalcutta
Merry Christmas World! Christmas Funny Santa Incrediblecalcutta bowbarracks
Loving the chill and the music. Peace Love Music Incrediblecalcutta rock
Paramount Sherbets? Overrated or Must dos? What your take? Incrediblecalcutta Food Heritage
The evening photo tour by the ghats... The only and first company in Calcutta doing it. Incrediblecalcutta Arati Ganga Evening phototour hindu best
Soaking in the atmosphere at Albert Hall of the Albert Hall of the 1876. Incrediblecalcutta
Members Only :-) Calcutta Kolkata Incrediblecalcutta Graffiti wall art paint english typo notice sign
REALLY Angry Birds! ;-) Angrybirds Toys Funny Incrediblecalcutta
Joy, a newspaper vendor, who delivers The Overseas Chinese Commerce of India, the oldest, home grown Chinese Newspaper of Calcutta, every morning to every Chinese house in central Calcutta. Incrediblecalcutta Whywealllovecalcutta tradition CultureKaleidoscopeTour
Coffee Camera and Adda under the bard's feet. Incrediblecalcutta heritage literary indiancoffeehouse
Once Calcutta home to nearly 5000 Jews during World War II now has an estimated 25 Jews remaning in this city of 14 million people. The community prospered when the British were here in Calcutta dealing mostly in silk and indigo. Most left India after its independence in 1947 and migrated to Britain, Australia, United States and to Israel which was established the following year. The magnificent synagouge Maghen David stands witness to this glory. Time kind of stands still here. Discover this and other amazing things on the Culture Kaleidoscope Tour. Incrediblecalcutta CultureKaleidoscopeTour
Tomb of Sir William Jones founder of Asiatic Society Calcutta Kolkata Incrediblecalcutta Heritage history hyperpolyglot calcuttaphototours orientalist english
Letters for Chinatown Incrediblecalcutta Calcutta kolkata calcuttaphototours heritage Culture Kaleidoscope Tour letterbox chinese
A Moment of Mishearing by Amit Chaudhuri. Magical! Concert Thepark Incrediblecalcutta
Full steam ahead... Helm Calcutta Kolkata Incrediblecalcutta liverpool london calcuttaphototours ship steering wheel