"Purono kichu sriti" ~ Shot during KolkataInstameet Theme Doors, Locks and Windows . . . Wwim11 Wwimkol11 Kolinstameet Windows Old Still_standing_high Streetsofkolkata Streetphotography Oldcalcutta Northkolkata Calcutta Uttor_Kolkata _soi _cic Calcuttalanes Calcuttacacophony Instagram Instameet Onlyinbengal Onlyinolderkolkata Pointnshoot Sony Whywealllovecalcutta
"Mar Jharu re Mar Jharu...jhetiye biday kor" !!! A small Broomstick attached on a door... It's just a random click, it was not found on the day of KolkataInstameet but the theme ia still on my mind..Doors , Locks and Windows. . . Today's click !! P.S. I have no words for the tubelights kept in front of the door !! . . Doors Doorsofcalcutta Broomstick Earlymorning  Click Wwimkol11 Kolinstameet Streetsofkolkata _soi _cic Oye  Instagram Onlyinbengal Onlyincalcutta Calcuttacacophony Smartphone_photography Sony_xperia Northkolkata Nofilter Noedit Whywealllovecalcutta
Time for some windows..shot during KolkataInstameet Theme Doors, locks and Windows of Calcutta. Wwim11 Wwimkol11 Kolinstameet Windows Symmetry Calcuttacacophony Calcuttalanes Streetphotogrphy Streetsofkolkata _soi Whywealllovecalcutta India_gram Igramming_india Oyeitsindia Instagram
Preparation for upcoming Corporation ELECTION !! . . Election Vote Corporation Upcoming  Preparation  Kmc Kolkata Bylanes Political Parties Calcuttalanes Calcuttacacophony Colorpick Colorsplash Smartphone_photography Sony_xperia Whywealllovecalcutta
"De Ghum" 😴 The Midday Nap !! Shot during KolkataInstameet . Off topic but still felt like uploading 😁 . . Wwim11 Wwimkol11 Kolinstameet Streetsofkolkata _soi _cic Calcuttacacophony Calcuttadiaries Rickshaws Handdriven Onlyinbengal Onlyinolderkolkata Northkolkata Uttor_Kolkata Instagram Instameet Oyeitsindia Smartphone_photography Nofilters Sony_xperia Whywealllovecalcutta
First ever KolkataInstameet .. Nice experience meeting new people and clicking on the way "Doors, locks and windows" Wwim11 Wwimkol11 KolkataInstameet Doors_and_windows Doorsofcalcutta Unlocked Unsafe Instagram Kolinstameet Calcuttacacophony Northkolkata Streetsofkolkata _soi Streetphotogrphy Mobileclick Smartphone_photography Whywealllovecalcutta
Before setting out for the day! Rickshaws Incrediblecalcutta Blackandwhite Whywealllovecalcutta Calcutta
Chatu Babu-Latu Babur bari... One of the famous heritage building in North Kolkata. Now it is given rent to any sorts of occasion. . . Shot during KolkataInstameet Theme Doors, Locks and Windows Wwim11 Wwimkol11 Kolinstameet Northkolkata BritishRaj Heritage Occasion Streetphotogrphy Streetsofkolkata _soi _cic Windows Colorpick Onlyred Onlyinbengal Oyeitsindia Calcuttacacophony Sony Pointnshoot Whywealllovecalcutta Indiapictures ictures IP_Red
"Dewal likhon" Graphitti in the Bylanes of North Kolkata... P.S. Not against any political party but yes corruption needs to be eliminated... Wwim11 Wwimkol11 Doorsofcalcutta Kolinstameet Streetsofkolkata Streetphotogrphy _soi _cic Instagram Northkolkata Bylanes Smartphone_photography Sony_xperia Chillies_Lemons Superstition  Bong Indian Calcuttacacophony Whywealllovecalcutta Oyeitsindia
Random act of kindness! The men at the Chinese club at the Sea Ip Church suddenly ordered for toast and lovely chai for everyone visiting there on the CultureKaleidoscopeTour . Incrediblecalcutta Whywealllovecalcutta
2nd post... 'Locks' shot during KolkataInstameet Theme Doors, Locks and Windows of Calcutta. Wwim11 Wwimkol11 KolkataInstameet LocksOfCalcutta Whywealllovecalcutta Calcuttacacophony Streetphotogrphy Streetsofkolkata _soi Instagram Instameet Pointnshoot Sony Kolinstameet CityOfJoy Northkolkata Onlyinbengal Calcuttalanes Midday Afternoon
A long trail of windows of an old house in North Kolkata. Shot during KolkataInstameet β–ͺ Theme Doors, Locks and Windows . . Wwim11 Wwimkol11 KolkataInstameet Northkolkata Bylanes Streetphotogrphy Windows Streetsofkolkata _soi _cic Calcuttalanes Calcuttacacophony Oyeitsindia Onlyinbengal Onlyinolderkolkata Instagram Instameet Semi_Circle Design Pointnshoot Sony Whywealllovecalcutta
Sorry Locked !! Shot during KolkataInstameet Theme Doors, Locks and Windows. . . Wwim11 Wwimkol11 Kolinstameet LocksOfCalcutta Closed Calcuttacacophony _soi Streetphotogrphy Streetsofkolkata Instagram Instameet Pointnshoot Sony Onlyinbengal Whywealllovecalcutta
Double lock = Double Security !! Shot during KolkataInstameet , Theme Doors, Locks and Windows Wwim11 Wwimkol11 LocksOfCalcutta Kolinstameet _cic _soi Streetphotogrphy Streetsofkolkata Instagram Instameet Igramming_india Oyeitsindia Calcuttacacophony Mobileclick Iron Rust Smartphone_photography Sony_xperia Oldcalcutta Northkolkata Whywealllovecalcutta
Joy, a newspaper vendor, who delivers The Overseas Chinese Commerce of India, the oldest, home grown Chinese Newspaper of Calcutta, every morning to every Chinese house in central Calcutta. Incrediblecalcutta Whywealllovecalcutta tradition CultureKaleidoscopeTour
Old Bookstore in Calcutta . Something that we Calcuttans take for granted are becoming less and less common in other parts of the world. That is what my co-walker Sarah had to say. Cannot stop romanticising this lobely, warm gems that make Calcutta the city it is. Stuck in time some say... But so very soulful. Something which a lot of places are ceasing to be. Ilovecalcutta Whywealllovecalcutta incrediblecalcutta blackandwhite