Go to the Galleria Facebook page it's in Edina and Vote Dress number 4 thank you. That's my dress. Fashion Dress Vote Christmasdress Christmas Tree Love
When your winning and want success even more, then no matter the hour your going to work towards success. It's late I'm working on my Christmas dress for the fashion show Friday come vote and hit me up if you want to come support me and my partner dress #hardwork #dedication #love #fashionshow making a lot of progress !! #christmasdress Christmasdress Christmas Tree Fashion
REPOST THIS ON YOUR PAGE IF YOU CAN EVERY ONE WHO SEE THIS NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE THANK YOU!! WE NEED 200 LIKES AND COMMENTS TO BE #1 today is the last day to vote We are 20 away From taking the number 2 spot come support Every one can you go vote and support me and my partner dress, that we made for the galleria fashion show competition, it is Dress #4 ! Comment and say " you choose dress #4" also like the picture for the vote to count thank you. Click the link. Support ! Fashion Dress Christmasdress Vote
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Sofie trying on her Christmas dress. Lovemyred Christmasdress Littleprincess