Organized some of my Transformers. Sort of. Decepticons Transformandriseup Hoarder
Hey @tsobry!! It's finally done! Knitting Decepticon Transformandriseup
Soundwave is the newest addition to my work desk. Transformers Decepticon Transformandriseup pokemon crochet
Got a new Transformer to cheer myself up. Meet Shockwave!! Transformers Decepticon Shockwave Transformandriseup
Dead End joins the fray. Transformers Decepticon Transformandriseup
I made a duct tape wallet!! Thanks @tsobry for teaching me how! Ducttapecrafts Decepticon Transformandriseup
Two new members of my Decepticon army. Frenzy Vehicon Decepticons Transformandriseup