Organized some of my Transformers. Sort of. Decepticons Transformandriseup Hoarder
Hey @tsobry!! It's finally done! Knitting Decepticon Transformandriseup
Soundwave is the newest addition to my work desk. Transformers Decepticon Transformandriseup pokemon crochet
Got a new Transformer to cheer myself up. Meet Shockwave!! Transformers Decepticon Shockwave Transformandriseup
Dead End joins the fray. Transformers Decepticon Transformandriseup
Two new members of my Decepticon army. Frenzy Vehicon Decepticons Transformandriseup
I made a duct tape wallet!! Thanks @tsobry for teaching me how! Ducttapecrafts Decepticon Transformandriseup
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