Yeah, Tygra needs to lay off the Fancy Feast if he doesn't want Lion-O to get all crazy on him. It gives him a serious case of the bubble guts. Thundercats Liono Tygra Junkpunchercraptions toyphotography
Oh Clarky-poo, you brought out the whole pack? Well, the only thing missing is the alcohol. Happy Hump Day, folks! Hope everyone is having a great day. Junkpunchercraptions Clarktheshark Toyphotography Happyhumpday
Oh brother. I get home from work and guess who's waiting to greet me? Yep, Earl Wayne. He's swingin' on my swing, smoking a cigarette and having a cold beer. I hope this isn't a daily thing, but he did tell me he wanted to bring his "old lady" and dog over here for us to meet. She's workin' a double at Slippery Pete's Pub. We'll see if he and the whole family come over tomorrow. ( Earlwayne Whitetrashbarbie Junkpunchercomics Junkpunchercraptions )
Just look at her stalking her prey with that hungry death stare. That poor defenseless treat has strayed from its pack and doesn't know what's coming. I can't stand to look at the horror that's about to happen. Junkpunchercraptions Ieffinlovemybeagle Mattiegirl Beagle petstagram
Oh, the joys of work.  Junkpunchercraptions LEGO
My desk has gotten so dusty, I had to call in the big dog. This is sad.  Junkpunchercraptions LEGO
Tygra gets passionate about the forecast. Thundercats Liono Tygra Junkpunchercraptions toyphotography
Here comes the storm. I'd normally do a quote, but I'm about to seek shelter instead. It's scurry out here. Junkpunchercraptions
Is it just me, or does it look like an ass growing out of this tree?  ( Junkpunchercraptions )
Girls are so catty. *Every pun was intended* Carry on. Junkpunchercraptions Hellokitty Jphellokitty
Lurleen and Earl Wayne are taking a break from packing and reminiscing on the swing. They're gonna be livin' like rich folk in a new apartment come tomorrow. Traded in the motor home and moving on to bigger and better things. I think Earl Wayne is gonna miss being able to drive his house to new destinations. But, it's what Lurleen wants, so he's trying to make her happy. ( Whitetrashbarbie Lurleen Earlwayne Junkpunchercraptions )
Nothing like waking up to this sexy beast in the mornings. Mattie, close your legs! So unladylike! Junkpuncher Junkpunchercraptions Mattiegirl Beagle dog ieffinlovemybeagle mansbestfriend instagood instamood bww bandw bestoftheday photooftheday louisiana batonrouge igersbatonrouge igersoflouisiana denhamsprings watson
Ok,'s the pic of my horrid hair. Happy now? @plomeda @jakers44 @arimport @sparhawkkMy hair barely fit thru the door. And, I'm still in my shitteous work clothes. Enjoy!! Wait!!! Is that a bird in there?!  Junkpunchercraptions WTF
So true. It will smell of fart for days.  Junkpunchercraptions Thundercats Liono Tygra toyphotography comic
Battle of the Mullet Warriors: Dog the Bounty Hunter vs Chuck Norris. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't challenge Chuck on anything. One roundhouse kick to the head and your mullet will never look the same. This is a little too much "business in the front and party in the back" for me. Either way, their rad neck blankets are gonna duke it out. ( Junkpunchercraptions Craptions Junkpunchercomics Chucknorris dogthebountyhunter )
Oh God, she is the worst fortune cookie fortune reader ever. See, looks *can* be deceiving. Junkpunchercraptions Junkpunchercomics LEGO Legoholly comic toyphotography
This is what I get from this old bitch. Junkpuncher Junkpunchercraptions Kyliegirl Dachshund dog ieffinlovemydachshund weeniedog wienerdog louisiana igersdenhamsprings igersbatonrouge
Really? I'm not in the mood to fight Bitchy Kitty for the first cup of coffee. I'll destroy her. Poor Hello Kitty was just checking on the coffee and Negative Nelly, well...she's not having it either. Hope everyone has a great non-drama day! Junkpunchercraptions Junkpunchercomics Hellokitty Bitchykitty negativenelly negativekitty comic toyphotography instamood
Aw! Thank you, Mattie! I love this ole gal. Such a sweetheart. I hope everyone has a great day...even though it's Monday. Junkpunchercraptions Ieffinlovemybeagle Mattiegirl Beagle petstagram
Hi, my name is Clark. Seeking someone who loves Instagram, dogs, going out to eat, going to movies, swimming, road trips and my love for the postal service.  ( Clarktheshark Toyphotography Junkpunchercraptions )
Ok, if you have Viddy, please check out my new vid. You'll get a little glimpse of my life with my son, Mason, in all it's goofiness.  Junkpunchercraptions Viddy
What a child Tygra is? Lion-O needs to get him down from there before he pisses off the new neighbors. Thundercats Tygra Liono Junkpunchercraptions
I just live getting ink all over my clothes. FML!  Junkpunchercraptions
What shark dreams are made of. I'm sure Clark has daydreamed about this a lot. Bitchy Kitty better watch her back, one day he might just snap. Junkpunchercraptions Bitchykitty Hellokitty Toyphotography statigram iphone4 iphoneonly igersoflouisiana igerslouisiana louisiana teg
The "WOO!" friend. Everybody's got one and the more they drink, the more 'WOOing' is done. Earl Wayne takes it to a whole new level. He even 'WOOs' when the cops are about to pat him down. They are some crazy LSU Tiger fans!! Gotta love it! ( Whitetrashbarbie Earlwayne Lurleen Junkpunchercraptions LSU Louisiana batonrouge igersbatonrouge )
I wanted to keep him.  ::sniff:: ( Junkpunchercraptions Craptions )
It's one if *those* kinda days today. I'd forget my head I'd it wasn't screwed on. I've managed to lose my keys about 3 times today. Double damn! Junkpunchercraptions LEGO
We love each other. I swear, we really do. You can also see that I hate grocery shopping with a passion. Hate. Junkpunchercraptions @masonman928
My big boy, Mason, got his braces off today! I would've posted a pic of him, but he wouldn't let me. When cute girls are around, he pretends not to know me. Kids are f**king awesome. Junkpuncher Junkpunchercraptions
Always giving me hell with these nasty knots. Junkpunchercraptions
I'm not having a bitter day at all. Can ya tell? Welcome to my world. Some days are better than others.  ( Junkpunchercraptions Toyphotography LEGO ILoveMyJob serenitynow )
Don't go postal, Bitchy Kitty. This stack is almost done. There's still sorting and distributing to be done after it's all opened and stamped. Junkpunchercraptions Hellokitty Bitchykitty Jphellokitty
Good morning! Here's a Holly secret: Most women have makeup in their purse. Me, I have cookies.  Hope everyone has a good day! Junkpunchercraptions
Ever feel like you're just chasing your tail? Oh yeah, me neither. Just checking. ? Junkpunchercraptions Junkpunchercomics LEGO Hellokitty bitchykitty negativekitty negativenelly clarktheshark toyphotography toycrewbuddies comic
Poor Clark, he was just having a little after-lunch snack. He's no coke head, ladies! But, thanks for the concern, no rehab just yet...unless there's one for snackaholics. That he is guilty of. Junkpunchercraptions Junkpunchercomics LEGO Legoholly hellokitty bitchykitty clarktheshark comic toyphotography toycrewbuddies
Oh Inspector OCD, it's just sweet potato casserole. It won't hurt you. Junkpunchercraptions LEGO Inspectorocd Toyphotography comic
The hubs is going out of town tomorrow for a week. One or all of the above mentioned words will be going on. Have a fun trip @strunzo !! Mason and I are gonna toot on your side of the bed!  Junkpunchercraptions
Looks like Boo-ray is a little excited and Lurleen isn't too thrilled about it. Earl Wayne yelled, "Just let her finish! You'll be alright!"  ( Whitetrashbarbie Lurleen Booray Junkpunchercraptions )
See!! Even Mattie fell over laughing at my hair. ::pout::  Junkpunchercraptions Mattiegirl Ieffinlovemybeagle Beagle petstagram
Lucy Goosey is at it again...scaring Lego Holly and her coworker. I hope they got to safety before their eyes were pecked out. Damn goose!!! Junkpunchercraptions Junkpunchercomics LEGO Legominifig legoholly lucygoosey comic toyphotography
This is gonna be a long trip.  ( Junkpunchercraptions Craptions )
The icing on the cake to this craptastic day. This happens to me with every tropical storm or hurricane.  Junkpunchercraptions
And this is exactly why I shouldn't make coffee when I'm not fully awake.  Junkpunchercraptions decide. Hope everyone has a great day/night! Junkpunchercraptions Junkpunchercomics LEGO Legoholly comic toyphotography
This huge stack of mail has just made Clark, the mailman wannabe, so happy. Bitchy Kitty doesn't get usual. If Clark could jump for joy and clap his fins together he would. ( Bitchykitty Hellokitty Clarktheshark Junkpunchercraptions )
She needs professional help. Junkpuncher Junkpunchercraptions Junkpunchercomics Beagle dog mattiegirl ieffinlovemybeagle batonrouge louisiana denhamsprings watson igersbatonrouge igersoflouisiana instagood instamood photooftheday bestoftheday teg
Mattie, Ms. Observant, doesn't miss a thing. She stared at spot on the wall for the longest time. Ieffinlovemybeagle Mattiegirl Junkpunchercraptions Beagle petstagram
 "...And she said | Ain't nothing gonna break my stride | Nobody's gonna slow me down | Oh no, I've got to keep on moving | Ain't nothing gonna break my stride | I'm running and I won't touch ground | Oh no, I've got to keep on moving!"  ( Thundercats Tygra Liono Junkpunchercraptions )
Lion-O is always ready to go and Tygra is always trying to find a way out. The classic workaholic and the lazy guy. I hope these two can learn to compromise. Thundercats Liono Tygra Junkpunchercraptions
Last night on this episode of "Redneck Livin'" Earl Wayne expresses his love to Lurleen. Whitetrashbarbie Earlwayne Lurleen Junkpunchercraptions junkpunchercomics comic toyphotography