When I'm Cuffed , I Don't Ever Givee No Bitch Room To Slide In My Relationship ! If He Needs Anything , Believe I'm There. Yu Can't Help Him With ANYTHING , That's MY Job ! I Pick Upp Where He's Slacking && I'm His Cushion When He Falls ! I'm His Extra Hand When He Needs It , I'm The One He'll Call. I'm 1,000% Behind Him && Anything He Does ! I Don't Hold Him Upp , I Hold Him Down ! I'm Not Juss His Girl , He'll Always Havee A Friend In Me. I Push Him && Go Hard Behind Him Cause That's My Baby && I Wanna See Him Reach His Full Potential ! Soo When Yu See Him , Know That's Me && ALL Me ! Fall Back Home Wrecking Hoes , I Leave NO Room For Yall To Try To Squeeze In. He Don't Need Y'all For SHIT , I Got It All Handled ! ???? YOTTIE 72012