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Its been a loooong day with @beardegidio and @cassidysanders.. damn awesome to have met them and spent the day here in Singapore.. Hkarmy Contractkillerssg @greggoana77
2nd place baby!! 1st podium in aaaages!! Contractkillerssg Paintball Hkarmy @datzphat @greggoana77 TEAM.KILL.WIN!!
I'm back!!! Paintball Contractkillerssg Hkarmy Nukeoptics
Here we goooo!! Flowrider Wavehouse Hkarmy @benguin12 @greggoana77 @fadzrul90
This is my chance! Pick me @hkarmy !!! Hkarmy Paintball Hhh Hostilekids
Dye Dam Hk Hkarmy Planet_eclipse Ego11 DM14 Paintball Germany Gotcha Picoftheday Instapic Instagram Instalike
HHHHH LIFE!!! Hkarmy Contractkillerssg @markyhkarmy @beardegidio @cassidysanders
Yeabuddy Getem Paintball Hkarmy planeteclipse dm12 gianttactical gohard gohome winning aim colors shots collectors wow nice sick cool aintworriedboutnuttin nolie
Even Clonetrooper misses Paintball ... Contractkillerssg Hkarmy starwars
Finally I can reveal my most favourite jersey to date!! From the only team I support!! Mine!! Contractkillerssg Hkarmy Forgottenmusemedia Thanks again @hkarmy for the sick jersey this season!!
Great team I played with mob scene militia taking first in the sliver creek big game we had an awesome photographerPaintball Photography Paintballing Hkarmy paintballgirlinstadailypaintballteaminstaloveawesome