For Maximumenergy eat Rawfoods . Vegetables leafy and roots, Fruits , Nuts , Seeds . In addition Do daily Exercise , Yoga and Pranayama to raise Cellularoxygen levels in order to efficiently use available Nutrients . Cooked foods Rob the body of energy. In more detail To exploit the maximum number of nutrients, the first step is to reduce the energy quantities used in the Digestion process, while the second step is to achieve an optimal level of energy inside the cells for maximum output. This can be done only through eating quality sources of Proteins , Carbohydrates , Lipids , Vitamins and Minerals , with the help of additional compounds found in abundance in raw Organic food consisting mainly of fruits and green vegetables with the addition of seeds and nuts. With Oxygen being a critical component of the entire process, it is necessary to maintain high levels of oxygen and overall oxygenation of the cells. This process occurs naturally when proper exercise is employed on a regular basis. With the proper consumption of green, leafy vegetables, large quantities of Chlorophyll are additionally being imported into the body. Since parts of the Molecular structure of chlorophyll enhance the Oxygenation of the blood, this can be considered an additional way to further improve levels of oxygen. It can be only achieved by eating Chlorophyll rich foods so it is critical to understand the process and main sources of this chemical substance. [3] In addition, food sources rich in simple sugars (fructose) such as different kinds of fruits should replace foods with ingredients containing industrially made complex sugars. This is critical in order to preserve as much energy as possible since Metabolism of simple sugars doesn’t demand such high quantities of energy. Yoga yogi longevity health
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