Rain rain go away . Now . Itsrainingitspouring
Summer2k14 Update: After zip lining, we started our 4 hour ride home, but we couldn't relax just yet! The morning after, we packed our stuff again for a night at the Vista Veranda (where I took this gorgeous picture) and spent the afternoon after hiding from the wind and rain during one of the many power outages. As a rain lover, I certainly didn't mind sleeping to the sound of the rain at night; however, after that fun adventure, and being surrounded by 12 dogs at my aunt's house - give or take a few because they wouldn't stop running around - we're finally ending our trip here in Panay. After a 2 hour drive which we expected to take 3-4 hours, we're now waiting for our 8:30 flight back to Manila. Philippines Travel Adventure Beach Itsrainingitspouring RainLover Summer