Winged eyeliner;) Imsofunny Selfie Self Portrait Eyes Art Makeup Me
again an Eye pic! can't stop to upload them :) but hey, it makes so fashionable considering Kenzo 's eye-collection, isn'it? ;p :D Imsofunny Trytobeironical
Srsly?!? @_daniellejustine_ Annoyed Imsofunny
Ooo, look at that? Im becoming a right professional selfie model, ive now got the trademark pout. Selfie Photo Imsofunny Sexyselfiepout canimodelforsuicidegirlsnow punk grunge grungephotography
My outfit today was no April fools . Ootd Imsofunny
3-5 inches of snow tonight . That's so "hood" LOL Imsofunny Snow