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The pieces she pieced together, Pieces of the many lives she lived, Lives loved, lives scorned, Lives lost, lives found. The silhouettes that crease her bed, The vacant spaces they left behind, Lovers loved, lovers scorned, Friends lost, friends found. Alone, she felt, as she wept again, "Where are you, my love? How have you been? This dream has been wonderful, let's do it again." Dreams loved, dreams scorned, Lovers lost, lovers found. Awoke one morning with a feeling unfamiliar, Time had always been her faithful friend, She looked in the mirror, eyes brighter than ever, "There you are, my love. You're finally here. You look wonderful, let's start our life together." Pieces lost... One whole piece found. . . . Masinagudi Junglelife Poetsofinstagram Poetry Lostandfound Floor Mosaic Shapes Igers Igersoftheday PhonePhotography Photooftheday Picoftheday Snapseed Thoughts Musings Rantings Inbetweeners Writer Freelance Freelancerlife Pastel Power Two Is Better Than One
Sweet spring is your time is my time is our time for springtime is lovetime and viva sweet love. - E. E. Cummings Sunday Spring Goa Inlove Quotes Inbetweeners Igers Eeyem Photography Eeyem Nature Lover Eeyemgoa
Hollow a wish, hollow the thought, She went to the jungle And she thought and she thought, "Open your heart, be bold." She went to the jungle And she was bowled, she was bowled, "Come to me, my dear," said Mother, "Wrap yourself up in me." "Not now," said she, "I'm wrapped up in me, in me." Masinagudi Rantings Poetsofinstagram Poetry Igers Igersoftheday Jungle Junglelife Writer Freelancerlife Thoughts Rhymes Inbetweeners MyTIME PhonePhotography Amateur Photographer Travel Ontheroad Transition Poet
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Cleaning out my box of random stuff and came across these Autographs :) signed JstJodie card from the lovely @jodiemarshtv , a Feeder Gig Ticket signed by GrantNicholas and my ticket from a GregDavies gig signed by the man himself :) Glasgow  O2Academy  O2 Academy Music Comedy Inbetweeners Mandown Instasize Tickets