HAPPINESS! Sgfood Sgcafe ButterStudio Burpple
Back to my cosy spot ButterStudio Sgcafe Chillax
Appetite? Yea, only for desserts though :D Sgcafe Sgfood ButterStudio
Chill chill Saturday . Nomnom Sgcafe ButterStudio
Le Saturday night Sgcafe ButterStudio
1 cupcake on the house because I'm a regular of this place. Weeeeeeee~ ButterStudio Sgcafe Burpple Nomnom
Brunch - Le random chicken sandwich w vanilla mint chai! Brunch ButterStudio Nomnom Burpple
Tried the blueberry pie, got a Brownie for free. Totally worth it:D. ButterStudio Nomnom Sgcafe
'B' for ButterStudio ! Nomnom Sgcafe Tgif
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