Seeley's Bay

He stood there watching me take pictures much to say " Hay - What about me?
When i see the sunrise or sunset i see all the problems of life flying away if not just for a min. I see all the good flying back and giving me reasons to live life and always be myself. This Is Me Life Sunset Living
The Sheaffer Script. Having fun!! Fun Writing
in Seeley's Bay
Sometimes im an angle that is chained up to my past never beig able to get free. Recently the chains have be slowly breaking and then getting fixed at the same time. Im at war with myself, you are the only one who is standing up with me on my side everyone else on my side just sits and watches as i try to win this war and break yhe chains off. Poem Life Self War
Sleep didnt want to take me last night, no matter how hard i tried to passout it didnt work. Nothig bugging me or on my mind last i checked so i dont know. Got maybe and hour at most of sleep last night yay. No Sleep Tiered
Dammm right i look amazing lol :D :P That's Me Goofing Off :)
Keep shining your shine cuz no one can shine like you!!!!!! In Love ♡  Happyness
Amazing birthday!!!! Party Party Party
Having fun coloring my keyboard with my little bro! Siblings ♡ Colors #color #colorful #TagsForLikes #red #orange #yellow #green #blue #indigo #violet #beautiful #rainbow #rainbowcolors #col
My brother goffing off! Family❤ Goffing Off
I think my life is a series. But i keep on fliping the page, sometimes i go back and re read but i always keep on going forward. Life Living Moving Forward
Ive been through alot and by the end of all my troubles and problems i still have a smile on my face. Because i know i made it through what others would of died (lose themself) trying to get through. Keep Your Head Up No Matter What ❤ Love ♥ Hard Times
Loving life! Let go, make a rash decision and enjoy life while your young! You only got one life and everyday to make it the best so make it the best and never wish to change any of your days!!! That's Me Living Life
Im out if my mind more then normal and your the reason why! <3 <3 <3 <3 Escaping Living Life Goofing Off :) Happyness
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