Villevalo Vox HIMband Gondrong menawan hehe
Blue Concert Him Light Music People Star Villevalo
Villevalo Hisinfernalmajesty Him Heartagram lovemetal razorbladeromance love HIMquotes
Hisinfernalmajesty Art Villevalo Joinme
Villevaloshouse Villevalo Him Villevalofans Helsinki Munkkiniemi Igershelsinki Finland Igersfinland Tower Torni Torre Tour Suomi Finlandlovers Thisisfinland Ourfinland
Sketching Charcoal Portrait Moleskine Doodle Sketchbook Drawing Doodling Art Villevalo "the sacrament is you"🎧
Desenho Villevalo Hisinfernalmajesty Cigarettes
Ville Valo Smoke Villevalo First Eyeem Photo
In venere veritas <3 Newtattoo Tattoo Him Villevalo heartagram love him heart
Him LoveMetal Music Villevalo
Bury Me... Ourbestshot Macro Beautiful Lyrics Lyricalmadness Music Villevalo Metal Metalhead Blackandwhite Photography Black&white Black And White Collection  EyeEm Best Shots Sad Canon Photooftheday EyeEmbestshots
MCM is Ville Valo because wow, and HIM happens to be one of my favorite bands. ?❤ Villevalo Him
Villevalo Art Drawing Him
Metal will never die !! Villevalo Heartagram 666 Metal forever imdifferent
Love Heartagram Villevalo Heart
Best concert ever! Him Hisinfernalmajesty Ville Valo Villevalo Heartagram
My favorite tattoo of all... for the Father of my daughter, Genevieve. F & A babe <3 Put me through hell, I'm still singing your name.... Him HeartagramTattoo Villevalo Heartagram HIMObsessed LoveMetal Love " Can't you see my darling That the harder I try The more we grow apart Please believe me The sweeter the kiss The colder turn your arms And the colder grows your heart And baby, more I love you "
Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time And I will give to you summer wine.. Summer Wine Villevalo Him
A Finnish Metal Band Called HIM ..Lead singer Ville Valo ...💕 my number 1 fav band Jonnydepplookalike Ville Valo Villevalo HIM Lovemetal deepshadows brillianthighlights finnish metal rock trinidadandtobago TTRA myfavorite iwishicanmeetthem oneday cigarettes smokingfetish doubletap followforfollow bandsareamazing smile
I adore the despair in your eyes 🎵 Him Villevalo Music
Villevalo HIM4life Hisinfernalmajesty Himfan him razorbladeromance lovemetal killingloneliness tattooed tattooedguys finland
Ohhh... Villevalo HIM4life Him Hisinfernalmajesty himfan HIM VilleHermanniValo
Hisinfernalmajesty Him KillingLoneliness Villevalo VHV
Him Hisinfernalmajesty Villevalo Liveinathens 01.08.2014 @StageVolume1
Argentina 2014 <3 Him Heartagram Villevalo Tot tour tearsontour argentina2014
Him Villevalo God
Everyone else us wanting to get someones name tatted across their chest, but I'm just over here planning on this Him Dilligaf Villevalo Hisinfernalmajesty DoILookLikeIGiveAFuck NoFucksGiven Heartagram
In my skin. 666 ways to love <3 Heartagram Villevalo Him LoveMetal love amor
Villevalo Hisinfernalmajesty Him Heartagram DILLIGAF NoFucksGiven IDGAF Valo
Our tickets for the Rock Allegiance Tour @The Myth, can't wait to see Him !!!!!!! Villevalo is MINE <3
Him Villevalo Hisinfernalmajesty Razorbladeromance HIM4life romantic himfan love lovemetal
Villevalo Him HIMband KillingLoneliness DarkLight LoveMetal HIMaddiction This is God.....
One song, countless feels. They always know how to do it. Him Villevalo Love Rock DisarmMe perfection heartagram screamworks
Him Heartagram LoveMetal Villevalo HisInfernalMajesty HIMster Love
Villevalo Him Thesimpson Hisinfernalmajesty FamilyValo More in
VilleHValo Villevalo Him Hisinfernalmajesty HIMfanPage More in FamilyValo Http://
Him Hisinfernalmajesty MusicLove Villevalo itsperfect ♡
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