The Home Depot

Finally took it off Fml Dont Get Paid enough
Hell yeah they got us Pizza Bomb About To  stuffmyface
My lunch for today Micky D's Marijuana Coke All I needfortonightforworkletsmakethatmula????????☺
Finish the last of my paper work back at my grid
Want To go home already Fml Hardworking Grinding Hustling makingmulamakingmovesneedablunt
Break time Cheetos Cocacola Break Time only15min
They got me changing the sink in the break room LOL Basters I Dont getforthislol
Lunch for today Mcdonals Two Cheese Burgers onechickenburgerspritefriesbowlafter
Fml long night ?? Im Off Already thomakingmulacashflowsaroundme
Pizza Pepperoni Highlife Stuff
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Bowl before I go back to work
Snacking down before work Hot Cheetos And Arizona fruitpunchflavorextrahotsnacks
Finally Fml Took Only A fewhours