Was tagged by good friend @laarhoventoys to share which music has influenced me most. Tough to quantify, but here's a sample of stuff I've had 25+ yrs & fits into a ◼: dad-dubbed Cassettes of Billyidol /Blondie /Madonna /Thedoors /Crosbystillsandnash /Bloodsweatandtears (circa 1983 & still play!), Vintagevinyl of TheCreatures /Strawberryshortcake (it's music if I say so), Mixtape (s) w/ Offensivedrawings from friends, incl songs by Thejesuslizard /Sonicyouth /Bigblack /Dinosaurjr /Sebadoh /Pavement , Vintage cassettes of Ministry /Siouxsie /Theverve /LordsofAcid /BabesInToyland /worldmusic/JanesAddiction/ThrowingMuses/Swans/MOTU :)
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The Melvins, Neurosis, Godflesh, Jesus Lizard, Oxbow. In that order. Themelvins Neurosis Godflesh Thejesuslizard
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