Hanging smoked chicken, delicious. Chickensalad Diet Hanging High Kaoru Snack Taiwanese Cuisines Close-up Day Delicious Exquisite Food Food And Drink Freshness Grilled Healthy Eating Indoors  Joy No People Ready-to-eat Roast Chicken Satisfy Stinky Tofu
Kaoru Yamanakaino Harunosakura First Eyeem Photo
Anime Pencil Drawing Kaoru Sketch Color Boredom I think that my coloring is terrible, but that's wut practice is 4 right.
Kenshin appreciation post for today ?? Kenshin Kaoru RurouniKenshin
Been listening to one of my favorite albums all day Direngrey Diru Kyo Kaoru die toshiya shinya jrock uroboros LoveThemSince1997