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I never watch @theviewabc but today was different... I tuned in for all of 10 minutes and was annoyed by, not the opinion of two of the women, but their delivery and quite frankly IgnorantRudeness ! Not only am I an Openminded individual but I am a Mother as well... A ProudBreastfeedingMommy ! That being said one of the "Hot Topics" was addressing two best friends who nurse each other's babies, otherwise known as WetNursing . Is this OutOfTheNorm ? Is it "weird"? Maybe to most... Yes. And honestly, after 4 years of Nursing this is the first time I've actually heard about it in a "non-joking" manner. I've joked about it with my best friends, saying we'd feed each other's babies if need be. And really I would if they needed me to! Noshame !!! I'm honestly so proud of these women for standing up and MakingBreastfeedingNormal in a SexualizedSociety that makes EVERYTHING ABOUT SEX! What really GotUnderMySkin was not their Opinion about this but their rude remarks about Breastfeeding children with TEETH. @whoopigoldberg and @sunnyhostin were, in lack of better words, disgusted by the very idea of Breastfeeding children "once they have teeth and are able to walk to and ask for the BoobieMilk "... Were they talking to me individually, no... But they were talking to me as a whole group. I just found their comments a bit Ignorant and Judgemental . Especially after they had literally just commented on people saying "hateful" things on the internet via social media or wherever else. I value other's thoughts and opinions because it only opens my eyes to People and how God works through us all. That being said, I'm only commenting on this matter because as mothers we already have tendencies to feel inadequate, overwhelmed with do's/don'ts, and judged for doing what feels right for OUR OWN. All on top of just Beingmommy . This is a Hardjob and for two mothers who are on such a "main stage" platform, whether they care to acknowledge it or not, they influence others; negatively and positively. I just want all the ExtendedBreastfeeding mommies to know that Youareloved , Supported and Appreciated ! 2years & now 21months ExtendedBreastfeeding Proud Love
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I AM NOT A TOOL! I don’t believe God uses us; I believe he partners with us. God is relational, not dictatorial. I believe that in a very real sense God needs us.... needs you. God needs you to create art.... to write.... to make beautiful films and plays, poetry, paint paintings, take pictures, and anything else that gives your soul hope. I believe that I am enamoring to my creator and captivating to him.... that He is proud of me and what I create. And he is proud of you as well. Youareloved Taking Photos Streamzoofamily Brokenbridge California Drought Inspiring
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May god hold you near. May he let you come back to us, back to here. You're a light in this world and you shine so bright We pray for you all through the night. We wish you were here you are In our hearts We pray for you Nick Brown and Justin Shwartz. From and by Ashley Goehring Prayfornickandjustin Pfjs Pfnb Staystrong Youareloved Missyourfaces
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