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Everybody has a weakness. You just happen to be mine. Hurryhome YouralsomyHappiness
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So they drive me Fkn nuts and I preach about needing a break here n there but coming home && not seeing my 2 buttholes Mykings makes me realize how much I miss them while they are not around Sunshine Jakey  Hurryhome lonelymommy lonelymommyproblems hatesharingthem mmyskings missmyboys missmykings Waaaa PMSing disnemovienight notthesamewithoutmykings drivemenuts drivemecrazy mommylife
Today is national bestfriend day! And this girl.. Is my bestfriend! - Destani, we have our ups in downs sometimes. But at the end if the day your still mine. ? your beautiful on the inside and out. And any man would be lucky to have you. Not the one we want. ? but that's okay cause one day a man will make you so happy and revolve his world around you. Your y rock and soul and I love you to the moon and back you goose. I'll see you when you get home baby! ? Destani Mybestfriend Iloveyou Hurryhome ?????☺️?????