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'Tf bitch kill urself! No one has standards now a days you got Marriedmen taking Sucias to their ddys house && u got bunny bitches taking Marriedmen to their mommas house! HA! Ummm did u leave ur standards back there somewhere with ur ethics?!?! Or did you think a crazy bby ddy crazy bby momma crazy wife crazy husband just became one overnight?!?!? Then we got vast ants of ppl complaining left n right about dealing with crazy exes wellllll Ummmm hello mcfly more than half the time he/she is telling them that URRRRR the stalker the one who keeps calling/texting and they have no idea why lol ahhhh its a never ending cycle of Fuckery that more than half u bimbos and lame ass niggas believe! The rest of us simply get bored of the circular motion n simply take a step back to observe n wait n wait n wait until it allll blows over only to find the "cheater" whimpering how he/she is the victim! Nigga/bitch pls! thefuckery cheatinghusband cheatersbelike cheatingwifes cheaters101 relationship101 fuckurwords fuckyofeelings sheprobsuckingdickrightnow heproballupinherrightnow lol niggasaintshit bitchesaintshit bitchesbelike niggasbelike cheatersbelike cantraiseaman