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For those of you who dont know me. I dont like sports. With that said a completely empty football stadium is oddly really cool to go see. You would normally associate CenturyLink field with the roaring cheers or the electrifying energy that thousands of Seahawk or Sounders fans produce. So being there when it is dead silent in the middle of the night almost relaxing. Especially when you go with some dork:) Seattle TheClink NotASportsFan DontGetItTwisted Funnight Cold Quiet Calm
Are we like the only ones that have school this week? ? HeAcuallyWantedToTakeAPictureWithMe ? DontGetItTwisted ! CutTheCord ?
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Taking it Wayback to Sunday when we came across these QuestionMarks that came with a shot of Hellnaw ... Yayornay is not the question! Butwhy WhatAreThey WorkoutShoesForTheClub CalfMusclesOnFleek WeGood  ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmm NotTuhday OrAnyDay Shitsandgiggles ItJustDontMakeSense ICalledHerAFaun GoatMan WannaHaveSomeFaun FaunessToBePoliticallyCorrect WBW  ImFransPersonalShopper but TheseAtrocitiesDoNotReflectMyAbilities DontGetItTwisted Oldfriends NewShenanigans SameOSameO IWantedThemToBeMySize Halloween2016?!? Boom Splat
My drug of choice in Japan. Caffeine DontGetItTwisted