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So this afternoon, I tried experimenting and I love the outcome of it so I am sharing this. My very own, nescafe coffee x oreo cookies blend. It's pretty awesome and I am so proud of it. So here's how you do it. 1. Of course you need the following: a sachet or two of nescafe creamy white (tho you can use any flavor you like and any brand but I recommend this), oreo cookies, and an ice. 2. Put a little('bout half a cup or little less than that) of water on the blender and the coffee mix and blend. 3. Add ice gradually (I recommend you to crash the ice if you are using an ice cube, or am I the only dumb one to put ice cubes on the blender without crashing it?). 4. Crash a two oreo cookies and put it on the mixture (two will do but if you want to add few that's your choice). 5. Bwala! Enjoy you coffee blend with a twist. Haha. You could actually replace the cookie with any other brand that you like or flavor or maybe replace it with a chocolate chips or maybe a graham cracker. DXTRExperiment Blends Cooklikeapro So I hope you like my experiment and I don't know but this is so lame and please bear with me. If you decided to make your own, please tag me because I want to know if you had any idea. DXTRExperiment
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