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Xterra Miami Triathlon - Killed! I'm very happy, yet very sore, to have completed Xterra. I learned allot about myself and my ability to conquer cramp and fatigue. My reflections from the race are, 0.6 mile swim was quite easy mainly because it's the first thing I do and energy level is obviously higher. 15 miles mountain bike ride was challenging extreml both physically and mentally. The last 5 mile run including 3 river crossings was challenging mainly because of how cramp sensations was approaching in different parts of my lower body. I was, fortunate to have such a fabulous support from my wife @doctorstretch who cheerleaded the entire race, everyone was struck by her energy ; ) her Swedish flag painted on her leg was so beautiful!! Thanks to our friends Chris and Mala's support it was even easier, THANK YOU! Today I feel likr I still have the bike seat in my butt....Challenge TRIATHLON Xterra Swim run bike outdoors fitness miami.trainer mountainbike race
Have you ever tried triathlon? I must admit that I always been turned off by triathlon. Mainly because the amount of money spent on a racing bike that weighs like my running shoes didn't fit my budget. I also think that it's ridiculous to believe that a super light and super aero dynamic bike will take you there so much faster when your conditioning sucks, meaning that you're supposed to move you and the bike forward not the other way around! However once I found something that was according to my niche I decided to give it a try. The Xterra Triathlon is a international recognized race event that incorporate a mountainbike instead of a race bike and instead of flat asphalt you bike and run off road. I loved it! So if you share my above mentioned opinion believe me when I say that Xterra is your way to try triathlon!! Exit Comfort Zone and do a Triathlon!! In this picture taken by @mchaugner I am about to enter the water the 2nd time for the 2nd lap of swimming!! TRIATHLON Xterra Bike Swim run offroad trainer coach Sweden athlete miami art photo fit fitness crossfit
Face of a determined triathlete. TRIATHLON Triathlete Xterra Wetsuit Ironman 140.6 Swimmer TYR Athlete
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