Reached a plateau in your training? This article from really highlights the importance of exiting your comfort zone on a daily basis! When you exercise regularly, the physical demands made on your body cause your body to adapt. For example, as your heart adapts to aerobic exercise, it becomes stronger and more efficient. As your heart becomes more efficient, your resting heart rate decreases. Because of this, continuing to improve your aerobic fitness requires you to exercise either at a faster pace or for a longer duration. When you lift weights, your body adapts by increasing active muscle fibers. To add muscle and strength, you have to progressively lift heavier weights. For you to determine that changes to your fitness program are meeting your goals, it is important that you conduct a fitness assessment every 30 days. Adding variety to your workouts is an effective means of improving your results, and preventing boredom. Aerobic exercise, for example, often involves continuous, repetitious movements, which can become monotonous. You can add variety to your aerobic workouts, by cross-training. For example, alternate your aerobic workouts between jogging and riding a stationary bicycle. Cross-training also helps prevent injuries to connective tissue and bones that result from performing one type of repetitive exercise over time. You can add variety to weightlifting and aerobic exercise by combining both of them in a circuit weight training program. If you are using primarily weight machines for your resistance training, adding free-weight exercises helps build muscle mass by involving the use of your stabilizer muscles. Subscribe to's inspirational newsletter on Exitcomfortzone Crossfit Fitness Facts run art health urban
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For you who never have performed or heard of a "squat" hers some info from Wikipedia, In strength training, the squat is a compound, full body exercise that trains primarily the muscles of thethighs, hips and buttocks, quads (vastus lateralus medialis and intermedius), hamstrings, as well as strengthening the bones, ligaments and insertion of the tendons throughout the lower body. Squats are considered a vital exercise for increasing the strength and size of the legs and buttocks, as well as developing core strength. Isometrically, the lower back, the upper back, the abdominals, the trunk muscles, the costal muscles, and the shoulders and arms are all essential to the exercise and thus are trained when squatting with the proper form. Exitcomfortzone Miami Fitness Figther crossfit squat lift live
At this scene a comfort zone was killed... Exit Comfort Zone! Miamibeach Exitcomfortzone Trainer Kettlebell  rings outdoor
Do you want to challenge your upper body? My client performs pushups with Olympic Rings, the challenge comes when adding balance and allowing full range of motion! Exit Comfort Zone! Miami Fitness Exitcomfortzone Rings bodyweight core
"Lead by example!" Tireflips Crossfit Urban Exitcomfortzone outdoors
I wonder if our desire to constantly challenge ourselves starts to fade away at a certain age? I sure don't hope so, and this young lady appeared again yesterday and said she was ready to do 5 deadlift reps. Said and done! Then she walked off and wished me a great day, ; ) Miami Exitcomfortzone Trainer Deadlift fitfam fitness kettlebell mankofit
5th and last client for today! We are going to have a challenging session with's Olympic Rings!! I'm amazed everytime by how versatile this piece of equipment is. You can set it up anywhere and push yourself through a grueling session, all of our sales is followed by a personal tutorial session, for customers outaide of Miami we send a great instructional video, on how to effectively and safely operate them!! Exit Comfort Zone - Become a Lord of the Rings!! Contact us on for any inquiries! Rings Miami Trainer Exitcomfortzone core strong gymnastics
Do you have great genes? I sure do, both my parents are killing the niche and represents outdoor fitness. Please notice the snow ; ) Exit Comfort Zone - like your parents! Exitcomfortzone Fitness Crossfit Outdoor beastmode
This morning's calm before the storm! Not in the picture, my car to be pushed! Exit Comfort Zone! Miami Trainer Exitcomfortzone Outdoor
It's about to go down!! 3rd client of the day and we have our Urban Arena set up for Tire Flips, Deadlifts, Resistance Band Sprints and Kettlebell Swings....Exit Comfort Zone! Fitness Fit Miami Exitcomfortzone hiit lift kettlebell art am military inspiraton
How many decisions do you make per day? Probably around 1000, but how many of those decisions actually allows you to experience a paradigm shift? What many of us have in common is our ability to push ourselves physically beyond what we performed yesterday and beyond what we thought we would be able to. I am a personal trainer and co founder of, there are many of us, and I believe in "Lead by Example" therfore I want to be 10 times greater then my clients in everything I put them through. That creates trust and results. Exit Comfort Zone! Trainer Beastmode Miami Exitcomfortzone fitness unleash art cardio
First time I keep a Human Flag more then 10 seconds, BÄÄÄÄÄM! Exit Comfort Zone with calisthenics! Miami Trainer Exitcomfortzone Beastmode beastin bodyweight streetworkout fitness swede crossfit
I told him that cell phones are banned during our sessions, guess I'll have to be more specific! No lap tops, cellphones, headphones or any kind of distracting technical devices!! Beside from that, I can really recommend investing in a pair of solid paralletts they sure give a added challenge as it offers full range of motion to your ordinary Pushup!! Exit Comfort Zone! Beastmode Miami Trainer Exitcomfortzone lift hiit bosufitness urban fitness fighter mma
Try this exercise if you wish to test your coordination, core strength and cardio!! 1. Press Medicine Ball up to straight arms, squat down and roll on to your back. 2. Gather full force forward by activating your core, legs and have the weight of the ball supporting your momentum forward. 3. Explode with every part of your body up on to your feet. 4. Once you have a balanced stand jump forward and slam the medicine ball in the ground!! 5. Repeat by picking up the ball and walking your heels back to the matt! Add Tabata Intervals to this motion and you will become very humble ; ) Exit Comfort Zone!! Miami Personaltrainer Mankofit Exitcomfortzone core abs totalbodyexercise beastmode bodyweight nextlevelfit allin
My friend @andrezserna took massive action 3 months ago and our first session where we incorporated the battlerope brought up his breakfast. Now he have lost 32lbs and are mentally and physically strong like a beast!! I am proud of him and his progress! Miami Miamibeach Personaltrainer Exitcomfortzone fitness fatloss dedication ittakesballstostart
This exercise is one of my favorite ones! I love how you can do this in a slow pace for more strength focus and add a higher pace to get even more cardio focus! Exit Comfort Zone! Miami Exitcomfortzone Rings Abs core extremotivation fitness crossfit outdoors