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In the branches of tree, there ate lots of leaves. And there is one little heart shaped leaf who might fall to the ground because it is so little. But it tried its best not to fall because it wanted to grow to a big leaf, so the people in the ground will see it. So it keeps clinging and clinging to the branch even if there are strong rains and winds. And as timd goes by, the little heart shaped leaf grow to be a big heary shaped leaf thay people are so fond to look at. But all leaves are destined to fall so that there will be a next batch of leaves that will grow in the branches of tree. So thd big heart shaped leaf is slowly fall to the ground and the winds carry her just like a feather. And the big heart shaped leaf landed in the lap of a crying lady in the bench. But when the crying lady saw the big heart shaped leaf, she smiled because she remembered thay she still have a family who loves her eternally. -the end- Ownstory LifeItself Keepclingingtofaith Domybest
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