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just chilling doing what I do best. looking good doing my best, on my way on to new beginnings and new learning experiences everybody hope you can see me grow Cool Style Ilani Raykim spoilty grownman man Dominican black Gemini clean real love lust respect sexy special selfappreciation newbeginnings
"A real man can be sensible but can he be sensitive" When the lives around you become important then they turn there back on you what do you do you know "its always darkest before the dawn, shake it off shake it out, when its hard to dance with the devil on your back, I've been a fool and ive been blind, looking for heaven i found the devil in me" now you and your committed friend who have life plans as me being a man i respect that and as long as your happy i am to, I've done wrong but i have no regrets of i did it or didn't , "i remember you told me you love me and you checked up on me",. All i ask is "what happened" Family Friends Spoilty Raykim glee kellyrowland iremember shakeitoff grownman alone lonely
Beautiful to me new to you Taking Photos Hanging Out That's Me Dominican Black Ilani Spoilty Raykim