Berlin mobile photographers

Apparently now Faces Of EyeEm is hot. So I took on todays Shoot, Share, Learn - EyeEm Berlin Meetup the opportunity to shoot another Berlin Mobile Photographers in The Spirit Of Kreuzberg Meet a critical mind: Lyam. Whom I introduced to mobile photography and he became a fan really fast. He is a really warm hearted guy and still observes everything with a critical eye. He will know when something is not right. Always. One of the good people.
Today on our EyeEm meetup I took the opportunity to take some portraits. Let us start with Steffi who takes a lot of black and white photos, lives around my hood and has the baby stroller in one hand and the iphone in the other. Mp-mission: Your District View Portrait Of A Woman Portrait Berlin Mobile Photographers
Rooftop Hopping Enjoying The View Berlin Mobile Photographers
Good morning everyone. Let us continue with the portaits, today: Stephan. He is one of the photographers I only new online for a long time and met just last week for the first time. He is a part time photographer and a full time chef. He is friendly and funny and if he cooks as good, as he takes pictures, well then: chapeau. Mp-mission: Your District View Berlin Mobile Photographers We Are Photography, We Are EyeEm Portrait
I still make portraits and this one is the lovely @inif One of my favourite Berlin Mobile Photographers , who is always seeing the same motifs ahead as me and is oftentimes a bit faster with them. This is always funny with her. She is one of the good ones and has a cool "no spam" policy. Makeportaits VSCO We Are Photography, We Are EyeEm
Meet another of Berlin Mobile Photographers @logopaede a funny guy with gags right to the point as his minimal photography. Portrait VSCO Faces Of EyeEm
You all know my series of Berlin Mobile Photographers I took the opportunity on Wwim9 to take a photo of @kickin my co-founder of He is an architect and a good pal, that is pretty straightforward. Something I really like about him. Be sure to check out his profile and say hello. Makeportaits Faces Of EyeEm
Portrait Berlin Mobile Photographers Faces Of EyeEm
You all know my portrait series of Berliners. Today I want you to meet @uwa2000 one of Berlins finest Instagramers and my Co-ManIger. She has been a Hipstamatic lover for a long time and now shifted to the Sony QX lenses. If someone knows what is happening in the community - gossip or not - it is her. And she seems always online. Portrait Of A Woman Berlin Mobile Photographers Makeportaits Shootermag
Meet Sven another one of todays mobile photographers at Mp-mission: Your District View He is a good friend of mine. We are nerds alike and he is the guy to ask about design and development questions. But he can get really focused on taking a great shot. Portrait Berlin Mobile Photographers
Meet @king_fisher one of the mobile photographers in Berlin of the first hour and one of the Instagramers I learned a lot from. He's a PHP Developer and usually very busy. A really nice guy. And he was too at Mp-mission: Your District View Berlin Mobile Photographers Portrait Street Photography
The Portraitist - 2014 EyeEm Awards Portrait People Berlin Mobile Photographers
Say hello to Sylvie, one of the people I met the first time on Mp-mission: Your District View Turns out she is not only nice and interested in other people, but works as a photographer too. You can find her great photos here. Berlin Mobile Photographers Portrait Of A Woman VSCO