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My attempt to look good after a workout! I failed miserably! Pero yung totoo, boobs talaga kinunan ko. LMAO Selfiemomukhamo Theplumpinay Plumpinay Humor jokelangpo lol filipinosbelike
Did I scare you? :))) FOTD Theplumpinay Effyourbeautystandards Makeup girl filipinosbelike ootd
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Pasko na!! Never too old for a Mickey Mouse sweater!! Paskosapinas Plumpinay Theplumpinay Selfie igerspinay filipinosbelike tflers igers girl mickeymouse
I've been low for the past weeks but today I decided to just not let depression take over me no more. Played some songs, grabbed my red lipstick and decided to sing my heart out. I sometimes forget how blessed I am to be alive. I promise not to be affected by the simplest things and to be thankful for everyday. Acceptance Bodypositivity Theplumpinay Plumpinay filipinosbelike shameless selfie girl igerspinay igph
Loving my the color on my lips. Theplumpinay Igerspinoy Igerspinay Filipinosbelike effyourbeautystandards makeup love honoryourcurves curvydolls curvy
This year, I learned to love & appreciate myself the way God sees me. All the changes/transition made me a stronger woman & I know that there's so much more in store for me in the future. May it be a challenge, I'm up for it, I know that by God's grace, I can overcome it. I'm still a work in progress. I aim for wellness (to take care of myself & my health) which I definitely need to focus on as well. My ultimate goal is to become a Proverbs 31 woman and to be God's best. 2014, I'm ready, so ready! ;) Sorrynotsorry for this Selfie ! Teehee! :p Theplumpinay
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Hello there Selfie . It's been a while! Shameless Theplumpinay Plumpinay dontbehating
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