Ridgely's Delight

Less than a week to go before Paddy's Day, and a neighbor still has their Christmas decorations on display :-/
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Let it snow!
2pm on my street....will be curious on how it will look later!
10 Nov 12
Lots of rain this morning - feels like I'm back in Ireland!
Feels like my leaf sweeping osh never-ending this Fall!
Top of the tree at the back of my house!
Another snow day Longestwinterever
13 Nov 12
Light snow is starting to stick to the ground!
My little backyard
My Asiatic lillies, that I first had last year, are now back taller, and the flowers are just starting to open.....yay!
Hints of a double rainbow!
Tree outside my house on 10/29....hope to keep a running record of how it looks during Sandy's visit!
Tree across from my house on Oct 31
My little space out back after Sandy's visit.
You know you're in Baltimore don't need street signs anymore! Saw this in my neighbourhood, as I was heading to work this morning!