Hppynwyr ! Or how normal Humans say it; Happynewyear ! Dayfive of the Paintchallenge ! Only Twomoredays to go! I decided to do this piece using a Masking method. Please enjoy. 2016 Lastdayoftheyear Arizonaart Travellingartist Acrylicpainting  Acrylic Glassart Eyeart Gypsyart Paintingonglass
Whataday Twomoredays Work Newopportunities
Sickinthailand Cantmove Killmenow Hungryasfuckcanteat Besttimeever Jks Bedistheshit Twomoredays πŸ˜“πŸ”«
Smile for the camera Happyhalloween Itsoctober Twomoredays
Work conference with well deserved drinks after the day we've had... Work Conference Staugustine Twomoredays