Grew up with a blessed family and a blessed house hold. Mashallah Allhumdullhi . Through every rough patch there were better days that came. May Allah give us all more better days to come and give us comfort on the days that get hard. For all the people of mankind.
Just had fun at the park with the kids Allhumdullhi . Just looking at the picture makes me smile and reminds me how bless I am. TeamAbo @big_tuco @abouilana_ your turn of events will be soon Inshallah .
Just the other sunny Sunday. With my boy. TeamAbo Allhumdullhi
Some other pics from yesterday day out. Mykids Myallahblessusall Beardgang Allhumdullhi
My daughter is kissing me. Ahhhhhhhhh Allhumdullhi on our way to Emirates cable ride. Should be fun she's excited.
Not into the selfie but sooner to later it was bound to happen. Firstselfie  . Beautiful day out into town with the family Allhumdullhi .