Y'all don't know the half my grind , half my pain, half my story But I give it my all. IllSleepWhenImDead
They been sleep since we got off the stage. Lol. I'm the only 1 up & at. They gone be pissed for this DTM IllSleepWhenImDead
Still up grinding! Ashy feet & all. IllSleepWhenImDead
5:30 in the morning I'm turnt still going at it! 2hrs sleep in 3 days. IllSleepWhenImDead
I woke up early from my nap just for this Hits IllSleepWhenImDead
:( Ran out of milk. Big bowl of cereal :( We ain't never got 2 things that match. P.S. I still haven't been to sleep IllSleepWhenImDead
Still up on these beats, burning cds, & networking at the same time. Tired AF! This an ugly pic 2! IllSleepWhenImDead
8 beers, 2 shots, my 2nd 1/2 pint. I'm goin in! LiverLight Workflow IllSleepWhenImDead
Insomnia 4amknowsallmysecrets IllSleepWhenImDead Sleeplessinadelaide stilldark
Just because I'm touring doesn't mean anything. Fresh off the stage & still puttin in work @ 3:30 in the morning! IllSleepWhenImDead
Would you believe me if I told you this is worth a couple million? You ought too, Where ever I go she's always with me! I love my hard drive IllSleepWhenImDead
Busy Days & Busy Nights. OverGrind IllSleepWhenImDead
Watchin my favorite TV show before these 3 shows at these 3 clubs! FairlyOddParents OverGrind IllSleepWhenImDead
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