Delta Technical College

Feels to good outside today, but wait.....Wasn't it just 15° last night?
So this guy @music0991 think he doing something in the electrician program lolzzz....
Schoolflow  HVAC in the attic with my guys @_king_swisher_ & @kdonthatrax DeltaTechnicalCollege
Currently taking one of the greatest, most epic shit ever. Somebody bring me air freshner.
Boredom in class ready to get back in my bed
Pandora on point while a nigga in class lolzzz
ClassFlow HVAC FuckYaMean
Eating Good at school FuckYaMean
I love this ish!!!! HVAC Schoolflow  DeltaTechnicalCollege Dtc
Out chea enjoying this weather on break. Smoked my black & mild today tho, so I had to bum a newty (._.) HVAC
In class jammin FuckYaMean
Hate it or love it, I'll be back on top
Had to catch @kdonthatrax slippin' too. Had To Be A victim, Nigga Thought He Could Just Be A Victim @_king_swisher_
This nigga @_king_swisher_ all on his phone whole we suppose to be doing a pop quiz. Smh....
In class like WTF.....
Aw, mane @_king_swisher_ caught a nigga slippin lolzzz...
Ain't got time for bitches, gotta keep my mind on my riches