4dafame DOPE
Pistols jerk niggas purp dey dont realky want da work @solo4dafame SoloDoloYouKnow DA MIXTAPE COMING SOON 4dafame Gooo
All we do is ride foreign 4dafame gang bang bow!
I'm on a flight Rite Now 4dafame DOPE Laughing at you Hating Niggas
Always and will be blood ? my brother @shaq_money on the set of "Drugz" 4dafame SoloDoloYouKnow
Dreads hang like ahh mutha fuckin rasta 4dafame Gooo
Bitch I'm Leaning Like A Kick Stand ?? "Yea Doe" VideoShoot 4dafame SoloDoloYouKnow
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