This weekend I conquered the beast Killington. It was a redemption race from my 2013 DNF. I waited 728 days for another shot at this mountain, and I finally beat it. I don't know if it was that much easier or I was just better prepared all around, but did it feel good. Not only that but I got my triple trifecta as well. 25 and 26 OCR of 2015 and 82 and 83 of my career Spartansprint Spartanbeast Killington Killingtonvt Killingtonbeast Spartanbeastvermont2015 Trifecta Tripletrifecta Tripletrifecta2015 Spartanrace Ocr Ocrunited Eatnuttzo Teamcorepower Hyletecompeteteam Buffalo Buffalony Buffalonewyork 2XU Inov8 Icebug Cepcompression Vermontbeast Vermontbeast2015
Spartan sprint Canada. My 71st OCR and first trifecta of 2015. 1st OCR of the weekend Ocr Ocrunited Ocrgear Spartansprint Spartanracecanada Teamcorepower Eatnuttzo Hyletecompeteteam Buffalo Buffalony Wnyocrfreaks Canada Ontario Brimacombe Trifecta Inov8 Skins Cepcompression
Winter Snow Inov8 No People Running
Another weekend another OCR. 28th of 2015 and 85th all time. Ocr Ocrgear Mudrun Pumpkin Pickapumpkinpatchmudrun Esperancenewyork Esperanceny Inov8 Cepcompression Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnuttzo Buffalo Buffalony Buffalonewyork Wnyocrfreaks Wny
Platinum rig at the OCR World Championships. Awesome picture. Ocr OCRWC Ocrworldchampionships Platinumrig Hulkamania 2XU Kingsdomain Ohio Oregonia Buffalo Buffalonewyork Buffalony Cepcompression Inov8 Eatnuttzo Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Gamefacemedia
Rocky Balboa run done Rockybalboa Rocky Rockyrun OneBuffaloOCR Buffalo Buffalonewyork Buffalony Philadelphia Hulkamania Cepcompression Inov8 Run Running Roadrace Rockybalboarun Onebuffalo
Unexplored paths Trail Trailrunning Trailrunningviews Mountain Inov8 Training Low Section Person Standing High Angle View Footwear Person Outdoors Day Person Footpath Vacations Green Color First Eyeem Photo
Mud Hero Ultra. My 79th OCR and 22nd of 2015. Way better then a regular mud hero, only down point is getting the same medal again today. Between yesterday's 2 laps and today's that's a 22k weekend. Always more fun to run with friends instead of solo. Hulkamaniac Hulkamania Mudherotoronto Mudhero2015 Mudheroultra10k Mudheroultra Hyletecompeteteam Eatnuttzo Teamcorepower Buffalo Buffalony Buffalonewyork Canada Ontario Albionhillsconservation Skins Cepcompression Inov8 Ocr Ocrunited Ocrgear
Warrior dash Ontario my 72nd OCR and 13th warrior dash . 2nd OCR of the weekend Ocr Ocrgear Warriordash Hyletecompeteteam Eatnuttzo Teamcorepower Hulkamania Buffalo Buffalony Wnyocrfreaks Inov8 Ontario Canada Horseshoevalleyresort Goldbond Ocrunited
Evening run Trailrunning View La Seyne Sur Mer Toulon Inov8 Kalenji Run
Getting ready for lap 2 OneBuffaloOCR Citizensbankparksprint CitizensBankPark Spartanrace Spartanphilly Phillyspartan Philadelphia Eatnuttzo Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower 2XU Inov8 Buffalo Buffalonewyork Buffalony Cold Run Ocr Spartan Onebuffalo
66th OCR. Reinjured my shoulder on this obstacle. Gonna be a long year Ocr Ocrunited Savageraceohio2015 Savage Savagerace Teamcorepower Hyletecompeteteam Eatnutzo 2XU Inov8 Ocrgear Skins Buffalo 716
Cornell Spartan Sprint OCR 23 on the year and 80 overall, double trifecta on top of it. Ocr Ocrunited Spartansprint Spartanrace Cornellspartanrace Cornellsprint Cornell Ithaca Hyletecompeteteam Eatnuttzo Teamcorepower Inov8 Cepcompression 2XU Buffalo Buffalony Buffalonewyork Wnyocrfreaks Trifecta Doubletrifecta Spartantrifecta Spartandoubletrifecta2015 Spartandoubletrifecta
Warrior Dash Windham N.Y. or as I like to call it warrior dash north east the birthplace of my OCR career way back in 2010. My 74th OCR and 17th of 2015. Felt like the old days on the mountain. 2 laps Warriordash WarriorNation Ocr Ocrgear Ocrunited Hulkamania Hulkstillrules Hulkamaniac Skins Inov8 Cepcompression Buffalo Buffalony Wnyocrfreaks Wny Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatuttzo Rockinrefuel Shocktop
Wrexkbag carry at the OCR World Championships. Ocr OCRWC Ocrworldchampionships Wreckbag Hulkamania 2XU Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnuttzo Kingsdomain Ohio Oregonia Buffalo Buffalonewyork Buffalony Inov8 Cepcompression USA World
Last year was amazing. So much so I signed up right away after the race for this year. Today it officially became official...I'm back for year 2. Ocr Ocrunited OCRWC Ocrworldchampionship Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnutzo FitmarkFireworks Fitmark Warriordash Spartanrace Savagerace Gladiatorrocknrun Indianmudrun Wnyocrfreaks CMM Cepcompression Skins Icebug Inov8 Buffalo Buffalony Ocrgear
Enjoyit Skimountain Summit Inov8 thank you, LR MM
Gladiator rock n run in Pittsburgh. OCR 27 of 2015 and 84 overall. Ocr Ocrunited Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnuttzo Gladiatorrocknrun Gladiatorrocknrun2015 Gladiatorrockandrun Inov8 Cepcompression Skins Buffalo Buffalony Buffalonewyork Pittsburgh Steelcityraceway Wnyocrfreaks Mudrace Mudrun
Today we ran holiday valley mudslide tomorrow we run black swamp dash. OCRs 67 and 68. Ocrunited Ocr Ocrgear Teamcorepower Hyletecompeteteam Eatnutzo Holidayvalley Holidayvalleymudslide . Buffalo Hulkamania 2XU Inov8 Wnyocrfreaks
OCR 29 of the year. Spartan Sprint Pittsburgh. Final tuneup before the OCRWC. Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnuttzo Spartanrace Spartansprint Spartansprintpittsburgh Inov8 Cwx Cepcompression Buffalo Buffalony Buffalonewyork Ocr Ocrunited Boswellpennsylvania Pittsburgh Outdoorodyssey
今日はtrailroc255のテストですた。 Inov8 Trailroc255
TBT  to last year's battlefrog race in Pittsburgh. This year we go xtreme. As many laps as you can in 6.5 hours. My goal is 20 miles and 140 obstacles. Battlefrog Battlefrogxtreme Pittsburgh Hulkamania Hulkamaniac Teamcorepower Hyletecompeteteam Eatnuttzo Cepcompression CMM Buffalo Buffalony Wnyocrfreaks Inov8
Great day in philly. Rocky Balboa run followed by 2 laps of the spartan Sprint at citizens bank park. OneBuffaloOCR Ocr Spartanphilly Spartanrace Rockybalboarun Rockyrun Rocky Buffalo Buffalonewyork Buffalony Phillyspartan Philadelphia Eatnuttzo Teamcorepower Inov8 Hyletecompeteteam 2XU Onebuffalo
My 65th OCR and 8th of 2015. Completed the Ohio beast with one arm, 2nd straight OCR running with a sprained shoulder. 2nd beast of the year. Ocr Ocrunited Spartan Spartanbeast Spartanbeastohio Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Nutzo Eatnutzo Inov8 Buffalo
Fenway spartan Sprint. My 31st OCR of the year and 88th overall. Chilling on top of the green monster Ocr Ocrunited Spartan Spartanrace Fenway Fenwaypark Fenwayspartan Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnuttzo Onebuffalo OneBuffaloOCR Buffalo Buffalonewyork Buffalony Boston Greenmonster 2XU Inov8
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rest after climb Gunungrinjani Gunungberapii Climbing Gunung Karrimor Rayban Memory Inov8 Salomon Landscape Hiking Trail Nature Trekking Hikingadventures Hike EyeEm Selects Water Clear Sky Mountain Men Full Length Sitting Lake Smiling Adventure Summer Hiker Hiking Mountain Ridge Backpack Explorer Exploration Mountain Peak Mountain Range Thoughtful
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