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My 1 year #anniversary of owning #hyrulehistoria is coming up. To celebrate, I'm replaying ALL of my #Zelda #games in order according to the book. :-) My wedding anniversary is coming up too! Yay. Rcgameboyweek Zeldafan Link Ilovezelda Games Zeldajunkie Zelda Anniversary Gameboy Igersnintendo LegendOfZelda  Thelegendofzelda Wtfgamersonly Hyrulehistoria Nintendolife Oracleofages Ninstagram Notcibsunday
I Love Game!!!!!!! Superfamilycomputer Game Gamer Various Childfood Rememberme Zelda Zeldafan
Nerd Nerdy Zelda Zeldafan Thelegendofzelda Nintendo Nintendo3dsxl NewNintendo3DSXL Link HyruleWarriors EyeEmNewHere
Getting This On My Right Thigh 😍 Zeldafan Twilightprincess Tattoo TATU
Zeldaaaaaa Me Hey✌ Lips Girl Selfie ✌ Selfportrait Zelda Zeldafan That's Me Sexygirl Love Cute Hi!
Look What My Friend Got Me From The Convention Center.. A Late Christmas Present 😍😍😍😍 Zeldafan Mini Mastersword LinksSheild TheLegandofZelda Triforce Nofilter
Favorite. Halloween. Costume. Ever.πŸŒ³πŸƒπŸ‚πŸƒπŸ‚πŸŽƒ Zeldafan Zelda Link Halloween Costumes Couplecostume
Zelda Wach Zeldafan Zelda Nintendo Nintendo 64 EyeEm Selects Human Hand Human Body Part One Person Transportation Mode Of Transport Land Vehicle
Who Wants To Play With My Ocarina? 🎼🎢🎢🎢🎢 Angelbites Zeldafan Ocarina
My edit of the Zelda Triforce and pink Floyd. In school for digital photography. Check This Out Pinkfloydforlife Pinkfloyd Zelda Zeldafan Triforce
Can Somebody Play The Song of Time For Me To The Day I First Met Him... Angelbites Asianeyes SongofTime TheLegandofZelda Zeldafan Nofilter
Ich Langeweile Zeldafan Life
I Think This Should Be My Senior Quote, Who Agrees? ZeldaQuote Zeldafan Seniorquote Classof2015
If Zelda Was Real, Life Would Be Fun IfZeldaWasReal TheLegandofZelda Milkbottle Epona Zeldafan
Second Day Of School.. :/ Zeldafan
I'm Inlove With This Ring! Zeldafan Engagementring TakayasCustomJewelry
The Tri-Force Angelbites Gamer Zeldafan Triforce
Relaxing with Papo before bed. As we watch Corey play Zelda. Zeldafan Marriedlife FamilyTime
Me Before Work This Morning... Angelbites Asianeyes Glossyeyes Morningpic TheLegandofZelda Majorasmask Zeldafan Nofilter
Who Likes My New Sweatshirt I Got!?! Angelbites Zeldafan LegendOfZelda  Link Pinkhair Nofilter
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