Youth Of Today Todays youth generation are a bit different, not only boys, even the girls, the younger ones, the teenagers, they want to achieve their goal, show the world they arent weak, challenge the difficult, challenge themselves. They want to do something new, something that is breath taking and beyond their limits'
Youth Of Today the spread of love in youth is just rising. The need, the want to look good, to impress and to attract the opposite is rising.
Photographic Memory Photographic Memory For me, sharing a long distance relation is hard, i share the meeting between us only once in a year, but, i dont want her to bound in a cage depicted by window, i want her to be free, to chase her dreams, to study hard and to achieve her goals. Go forth. Study hard. Soon we meet again My Year My View Long Goodbye
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Flower Green Color Nature Multi Colored Close-up MyPhotography Tree
Cars Nightphotography Steelwoll Learn & Shoot: After Dark Steelwoolphotography Long Exposure Exploring Nightcrawlers Steetphotography Junkyard Truck Secret Places
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I Love My GF
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The Places I've Been Today
My girlfrndz
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