Kylig väntan på Pendelt åg i Karlberg , Sthlm
After half day walking around and small shopping in Stockholm, this is how we sit in the train on our way home. @2wenty5ive Pendelt åg Stockholm
SL's ?useless pamphlets that was spread out this morning... trains ?are still late and having either wagon or railway technical problem ? stop wasting budget for pamphlets and fix your crappy trains and services ? Stockholm Train Pendelt åg Railway TechProb MieNoLike Grrrrr
The usual view of Mie ? everytime I travel ? near or far ? this time I enjoy the company if Pi ? and my Spotify reggae ? on my way to Zumba ? Travel Pendelt åg Workout Training Book Reading SoundTrip Spotify
På vej på arbejde... Pendelt ågsstation
Perrong Sthlm Pendelt åg