3rd birthday of the Saile Twins. Little John(on the right) was hospitalized on Sunday. Found out he has leukemia. Please send your prayers. Thank you my friends! SaileTwinsStreamzoofamily StreamzooVille StreamzooRefugee
An Italian Festival where the statue of the Blessed Mother had John's picture & $200 taped to it. SaileTwins PrayersForJohn TheVille Streamzoofamily
After their bathes, the Saile twins walked down to my house for a visit. I gave them both Snicker ice cream bars Nomnombomb SaileTwins LaFamilia CasaDeMecca
Almost forgot to post this...The Saile Twins with the Easter bunny SaileTwins Buonapasqua TheVille Streamzoofamily
Saturday bike ride with the Saile Twins. StreamzooVille StreamzooRefugee Streamzoofamily SaileTwins
Hanging out on Saturday morning with the Saile boys BabyJoeySaile SaileTwins TheVille Streamzoofamily
Baby Joey Saile celebrating his first birthday last night SaileTwins Lovemyfriends Streamzoofamily TheVille
The Saile's Twins watching the fireworks last night SaileTwins EyeEm Best Shots TheVille Streamzoofamily
John Saile playing with his new iPad2..a gift from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It was given to him after his chemo treatment today. He's doing incredibly great!! Thank you everyone for all your prayers, beautiful thoughts and love. ❤️?✌️ SaileTwins Lovemyfriends Streamzoofamily TheVille
I'm in big trouble now! Cat's gonna kill me for getting them all messy. ?? SaileTwins Nomnombomb LaFamilia CasaDeMecca
My little buddy John(SaileTwins) came home from the hospital last night. He's already giving me grilling lessons! SaileTwins Streamzoofamily StreamzooVille
Last night was the real birthday party for baby Joey Saile. SaileTwins Lovemyfriends Streamzoofamily TheVille