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I <3 my #ninewest #tabletcase. It's held up so well. It still looks brand new. I'm doodling on my lunch break, drawing flowers and stuff. I use a rubber tip #hello kitty pen as a #stylis lol. Hello Droid Android Acessories Tablet Sanrio Brands  Designer  Ninewest Androidtablet Tabletcase Stylis Hellikitty Hellokittyjunkie
My unopened #hellikitty #playingcards. I'm also testing this #purikura app also. I really like it so far. ^.^ Igers Instagood Weekend Instagramhub Random Instagramer Déco Playingcards Pink Hellikitty Cute Hellokittyjunkie GoodTimes Decophoto Saturday Kawaiidesu KAWAII Picoftheday Hellokitty Sanrio Purikura Girly Bestoftheday
I work hard for my money, and I treated myself to a few goodies! I bought #thehobbit, a #hellikitty brush/compact, I got a few #elfcosmetics essentials, and a #darthvader t-shirt. Yay for #retailtherapy! Elfcosmetics Eyeslipsface Shopping Theforceisstrongwiththisone Starwars Treatyourself New Mine Hellokitty Sanrio Hobbit Elf Darkside TheHobbit Darthvader Sith Retailtherapy Hellikitty