It's night! I look out the window and I see light! The light that illuminates the existence of this perishable being . Intense, Rich and Abundant light, that pierces me and makes me shine tonight. Mypoetry That's Me Poetry Thoughts Peoplephotography Notes From The Upperground Blackandwhite Photography Black & White Monocrome Monochrome
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Have a nice day Style Kurdishboy Kurdm Serblîndim Mypoetry Hi! Kik Me ♥ That's Me Love Black And White ı ♥ Kurdistan
Keep your promises under a synopsis because no one can ever believe them Its like walking through a mind of illiteracy, mood swings, I could never read them You turned your back on the truth Even though you were all I had you chunked up the douce Let it loose The untamable beast Things about me became different that I didn't know in the least I just thought it was strange When you're left with nothing at all on how people change. Thanks @arigato_mrroboto for providing the picture. Poetry Mypoetry Lyrics Mylyrics poet creativity obito uchiha juubito madara goggles war ninja shinobi naruto kakashi kakashichronicles narutoshippuden like likeforlike follow followforfollow followme spamhim spam spam4spam spamforspam
have you got the key to unlock the doors of heaven? have you got the courage to get away and disappear? - AntonHaddad Mypoetry NEM Submissions EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Best Shots
Strapped up on the bed Thinking this was the last time Keep track of me with beep and a green line I did too many things that I ashamed of to call mine But if I had any last words to say It will be how long till my last line? Watching my slip away everyday I open up my mouth with nothing to say I didn't believe things would have been this way , Asked if I would survive told them "Damn I may" Well all is said and done I had a good run Live your life to the fullest and have fun. Hoping my older brother is alright. He is straight thugging so now worries though. Just had a moment and wrote something. (Btw this probably another important figure in my life. He gave me some important life lessons. @mr_picasso_ ) Mypoetry Mylyrics Poet Poetry brother family tattoos california gifted drake follow followme followforfollow like likeforlike likeme spam spam4spam spamforspam cute guy boss
"K-Kakashi" I waited for you You promised to keep her safe Instead you did opposite and let her waste You lied to me when you shed tears at my memorial Looking at you now in a different form Non-corporeal Piercing cries We live and die All I wanted was to know why? Did you do this out of protection and affection? Seems to me like this was the wrong direction Took off in a thousand different flights Birds flocking Words docking Still mocking Mypoetry Mylyrics Poet Poetry lyrics naruto kakashi kakashichronicles youngkakashi rin rinnaruto chidori death sharingan tear likeforlike like likeme follow followforfollow followme spam spamforspam spam4spam otaku isobu sanbi
I just wanted to go with the flow Got caught up and learned too many things for a child to know It's like we're trying to live young and die fast Never took time to look at ourselves and make it last This is the real deal This is life All that matters now is how you're going to make things right. Poet Poetry Mypoetry Mylyrics regularshow mordecai rigby cartoonnetwork follow followme followforfollow like likeforlike tflers spam spam4spam spamforspam s4s
Its a dark burden. I try to come up with different solutions so it can STOP hurting. No lie I wish I could be a better guy. But with a lack of self-confidence and empty compliments makes it all go dry. Piercing looks from the corner of your eye With all this being judgemental it could be detrimental So let me turn away from the lies and say goodbye. Sorry everyone I've been going through some deep initual thoughts. Mylyrics Mypoetry Poetry Poet lyrics creativity hate Naruto DarkNaruto kurama kyuubi anime masashikishimoto shonen followback followforfollow follow followme like likeforlike spam spamforspam nemo
Can you look me in my eyes? Are you able to see what goes on in my mind? Take it as a sign of a time of change Things are going to far but I can still see it in range Do you see these eyes? They were born from my emotions I lost many people important to me without any notion These eyes are born from the hatred if the hated Sometimes I wish I could close these eyes..if only I had waited Now I lost my clan so I could look at you now with a feeling of being desecrated. Yeah I like anime. Mypoetry Mylyrics Work Sharingan Naruto shonen sasuke itachi danzo shisui kakashi madara izuna obito like likeforlike anime otaku collage followforfollow followme follow
I keep it to myself. I wanted attention to get rid of the tension bottled up inside of me taking away the light of me. But look what I found.. a world of distrust Pushed away because I couldn't satisfy its lust. Poetry Mypoetry Mylyrics Like tylerthecreator quotes tylerthecreatorquotes golfwang oddfuture wolf gang wolfgang ofwgkta followme follow nounfollow like likeforlike shoutforshoutout s4s tflers instalike instadaily instagood
I remember the day when it all went astray It all started when you bought your first ashtray Just when I thought you realized the deep ties abd recovering bonds You packed it up and in a few minutes you were gone I didn't know what I had done wrong Looked in my eyes and said "You are a good child, I hoped we could get along" He put on a mask and slowly walked away and left Left me nothing else but a gasp and a staggering breath Oh brother oh brother I wish there was no other I only learned the truth after you were dead Now I'm going under. My interpretation of this anime brotherhood. Anime Manga Mylyrics Mypoetry Naruto masashikishimoto sasuke itachi truth creativity poem poetry poet shonen sharingan hiddenleaf tears follow followme followforfollow like likeforlike spamforspam spam tflers instadaily instalike instagood otaku
Its another year with no one to hold dear It is probably because I am always overcome by fear No confidence in my incompetence All I have left is the voices in my consciousness I never thought it was less Maybe it was for the best I really wasn't fazed until I saw the rest Everyone cuddled up together under the cold weather I look at my situation and hope it could get better Too many things to foster I guess I'm just a lonely monster Mypoetry Poetry Lyrics Mylyrics like likeforlike likethis naruto pain pein nagato uzumaki ameorphan amegakure spam spamforspam spam4spam Valentine Monster Lonely single