The Hacienda(r) at Sunset Acres

Boxador Curious Black Labrador Boxer mix. VSCOcam VSCO B5
Red velvet Cakeballs ! Mine {|:^(7
@megan_walters7, actually. Campfire Burn Sunset
Steel meets Bulb with Force . shhPOOWW!!! (with smoke)
My spot. VSCO Boxador Vscocam Friends
Tot Farm Hot Delicious Mess yummy good food
Doubt my Boxador has the foggiest notion what Full feels like. 3squaresaday plus Horse apples! empty bowl boxer labrador vsco vscocam SE1
Tools of the Trade .
Call of the outdoors. red negative window
Eating Fire in Style Orange Black instagood night smile hot cool amazing instaeffects joker jack jackolantern smile teeth custom
#Light sleeping. VSCO Black And White Vscocam Dog
KOOL Kat {|:^(7 Sunset Lounge
That woodchuck can sure chuck wood! VSCO Vscocam Taking Photos Enjoying Life
The right ingredients. Adjust appropriately.
Photobomb Dog chilaxin'
Viewing SochiOlympics opening ceremony. FlickrFriday AnObjectsPointOfView B &w
11 Launchpad Equals Ditto twins two deuce duo split sliced
Spinach artichoke dip prior to unleashing Bedlam . Hot Cheese Chomp !
Friday Morning four-eyes and shine. Dog x2 Blurart B &w sunlight
Summer's coming! Vscocam SE1 VSCO Barn sun
Its got Chomp value!
Mr. Horse Potatohead! Blue Sky Hand pasture brown grass
Watching GBvsDET. Football Black Dog Girl instalove happy beauty bored cute
Black is back. Campfire Smore Dessert marshmellow hot
Professor of mechanical dissection
Haymaker Diesel Tractor Rookie cowboy solo brushhog pasture
Christmas (Jesus) Tree during Sunrise . My favorite time to contemplate.
Chomp demo! Do it like this \:^[} Smore Real Crispy crunchy perfect
Returning from the Barber shop {|:^(7 Morning Dew
Protection. Waiting to respond. Foolproof Paint Eye
Hung on my Office door. Created by @becswalters! Zitrr Art Christmas
Turkey Chili  round 1. Almost ready for competition. Adjustments req'd. Hot Red
The annual Burst360 presents itself here tonight. Come join us on the trusses!
Rootin' for the Niners . Man, it's Cold out there! NFL Football frozentundra
Fantastic Four! VSCO B1 Vscocam Birds
Chomping bait \:^[} HotDog Black Fire smore
On the clock. Dog Lookout Surveillance Stackables
My Tribe! Easter Family