Dragon dance!! Philanthrofest
Just barely squeezed everyone in at our Philanthrofest PR meeting w/@JLPR @immonicalynne @estrellasibila @soulofmiami @MissJaynieH SocialGood
Philanthrofest day was born! SocialGood Thankful Proclamation cc. @philanthrofest @miamicrawls @soulofmiami @ticaro @kellysaks
Bicycle Valet at Philanthrofest
Fusion Gitana at Philanthrofest
Awesome work by @sergioeltoro77 Philanthrofest supporting Miami Achievement Center.
The sun is shining; the weather is sweet! Philanthrofest
ONE Coconut Water at Philanthrofest
Still elated! Blessed  Thankful SocialGood Philanthrofest cc @philanthrofest
Give and you shall receive Sunshine !! Philanthrofest
Martial Arts! Philanthrofest
Check out the @motivedge at Philanthrofest !!!
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