The blue and gold of Miriam. Spent an amazing 4 years of my life here and it feels so damn good to be back even just for a day. MiriamCollege Maryknoll GoodTimes Throwback hdr Katipunan
Coachduties MiriamCollege
DAT BEND. Futsal MC MiriamCollege
Strangeroftheday MiriamCollege Bnw_philippines
MiriamCollege on a sunny day. Instagramthatshit GoodTimes
Mexico City MazatlanšŸŒŠ Vscocam EyeEm Gallery MiriamCollege Voscocam Eye4photography  Eye4photography  Eyeem Photography EyeEm Nature Lover Vscocam MazatlanšŸŒŠ Instaphoto Playa Mazatlan,sinaloa Snapchat Me (:
Oldies but goodies. Nice to see you guys!! @paulaplantilla @tinisyay @icarys @jonemarie Freshlegs Mcalumni Futsal MiriamCollege
Snapchat Me (: Mazatlan,sinaloa Instaphoto Playa Vscocam MazatlanšŸŒŠ EyeEm Nature Lover Eyeem Photography EyeEm Gallery Eye4photography  Voscocam Eye4photography  MiriamCollege Eye4photography  Vscocam MazatlanšŸŒŠ Mazatlan Sinaloa Eye4photography  Mexico City Eye4photography  Mazatlan
Snapchat Me (: Mexico City Eye4photography  Eye4photography  Instaphoto Voscocam MazatlanšŸŒŠ EyeEm Gallery Miriam Miri MiriamCollege
Mother Mary Joseph Hall MiriamCollege Blackandwhite HDR
This photo deserves another post. Thanks @muffytirona for the photo! Futsal Nike Molten MiriamCollege goodtimes snapseed hdr instagramthatshit
Flashback Friday. Feeling a little bit nostalgic lately, hence this photo of me 3 years ago. MiriamCollege Batch2010
College days reenactment: Before and after class. Lagingtulog Throwback MiriamCollege
Miriam College futsal team 2012. Photo from PFL's facebook page. MiriamCollege Futsal
Let's go MC-RUN!!! (MC slash Enderun) PhilippineFutsalLeague MiriamCollege EnderunCollege
PhilippineFutsalLeague NinoyAquinoStadium MiriamCollege EnderunCollege
Today's agenda: Futsal and Kopiroti afterwards. MiriamCollege GoodTimes instagramthatshit
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