Oldies but goodies. Nice to see you guys!! @paulaplantilla @tinisyay @icarys @jonemarie Freshlegs Mcalumni Futsal MiriamCollege
Brief summary of the Super Cup 3-leg futsal tournament. For some reason we always end up with 7 players thus making us look like a barkada instead of a team :)) nevertheless, I'd like to thank ALL the MC Alumni players who participated in this tournament. I think that's the good thing about this team, we may not be playing that much anymore (due to our day jobs) but when we do, we're still able to achieve great things. Cheers guys! Futsal Awesome Mcalumni @nirailu @jonemarie @tinisyay @icarys @tinetagram @tintelo @muffytirona @patty_uh @jaaawwwn @icedvoodka @jobtanker
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Team talk. Whaddup @jonemarie ? :)) Futsal Mcalumni
Oldies but goodies. Futsal MCFutsalTeam Mcalumni GoodTimes