Memories for 2014 L6F1 CLHS Form6 Throwback Candid Missit Classmates
Yoyoyo. I like your hairstyles yeah dear. 😂 CLHS FoodFair SistaLove Excited Meetup
Original Photography Phone Photography Bell Tower CLHS EyeEm EyeEmNewHere Chung Ling High School Student MySchool
Marching Band, CLHS Penang Sports Day 2017 Architecture Building Exterior Celebration Chung Ling High School CLHS Day Field Grass Large Group Of People March Marching Band Men Nature Outdoors Penang People Real People Sky Sport Tree EyeEmNewHere
我昨天已經睡了10個小時 但吃感冒藥就是愛睏.. 又不能正大光明的睡 於是我學會了新技能 就是坐著睡~~~ 老師對不起,都是因為感冒藥啦! 我只怕不在你們的節奏上面 整理完明天要的東西我就要睡了~晚安CLHS Korfball
Recognition day! Medal Certs CLHS 401 @marynovie @ariane03 @carlguinto19
CITHM recognition day. I post this to express not to impress ;) Proud DL Lpu CLHS @superevanss
Back to year 2014 in CLHS. Cny Party Carnival Highschool Uniform Day Schoollife Memories CLHS Ntnu
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