Glam Hanishaizi Razalizain GLG circle of friends in GLAM
Yesss true! We never push people to join our business, we just share & inform others how it works. The rest, people can judge and see. The big Question is why people easily chose GLAM? We have proven, we walk the talk ;) Glam Greenleaders Hanishaizi Linazahrah
See! See! Again she's featured in a magazine named tatler magazine as a fashion icon. Bawak nama GLAM and we are sooo proud to be under GLAM! Wow! Wow! Hanishaizi
Get ready for GLAM! Bak kata hanis "ilmu dlm glam ilmu boleh generate income puluhan ribu n ratusan ribu" Crazymoney Glam Hanishaizi
Its just a great night with mentors @hanis & @razalizain at their home and spend time coaching and give more tips to upgrade and keep us on track. We are so lucky we have mentors to guide us every single steps. We are just like family no boundaries. No matter how I love all about this business. Hanishaizi Razalizain Partners Business coaching mentoring learning glam linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
To be strong in this business, must always learn & relearn. O-group session from our mentor very crucial part sebab masa nilah nak sedut semngat dan aura mentor. Setiap butir perkataan yang keluar dari mulut mentor sangat2 bernilai. Gold Coast! Gold Coast! Gold Coast! Confirm! Glam Mentor Hanishaizi Aura goldcoast linazahrahdotcom
Syukur I've met Hanishaizi as my direct mentor. The best ever part is I've got to know orang yang biasa2 sebelum ni turn out to be jadi yg luar biasa. ;) menuntut ilmu sehingga akhir hayat!
I will blog about it later ;) Shopping Chanel Hanishaizi Greenleaders fashion style klcc stailista linazahrahdotcom linazahrah
Chanel Hanishaizi Doorgift Linazahrahdotcom
"she" sat next to me!! Chanel Hanishaizi Greenleaders Fashionista GLAM
She always inspired me through her words. Endless support from her, makes me more stronger and stronger! Thanks a lot Hanis for guiding me and InsyaAllah I will do my very best to be the best and success just like you! Premiumbeautiful Business Hanishaizi Glam 100k sales 100G award emiliopucci
Penangan Shanghai! Business Linazahrah Hanishaizi Linazahrahdotcom jusgramm follow my blog!
With part of GLAMprenuers! We are Chanel lover! ;) Dearhanishaizi Hanishaizi Linazahrah Chanel party
Proud to be under GLAM because we are going global!! Yeahhhh! Hanishaizi Glam Linazahrah Linazahrahdotcom greenleaders
Always with gorgoeus mentor, Hanis Haizi. She looks stunning! Hanishaizi Radzuanradzwill Dress Yasalma louisvuitton silkscarf linazahrah
Our GLAM leaders Hanis Haizi & Maisarah Ibrahim in "Pilihan Editor Hijabista Sunsilk" Top 5! Hijabista Hanishaizi Maisarahibrahim Glam youtube sunsilk hijabstyle stylista fashion linazahrahdotcom @hanis @maisarahibrahim
Everything starts here. We learn together with partners. Alhamdulillah ;) Glam Greenleaders Hanishaizi Linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
Me & @hanis after end session of Go CDM program! Hope our relationship you as mentor will last till jannah. Amin. Hanishaizi Linazahrah Relationship Mentor business millionaires mindset
Sebelum ni excited dengar pasal Hanishaizi , and now excited bace pasal success moghul in Intrend ! Bring it on! ; D
From my mentor, mesti ada pengorbanan nak dapat sesuatu yang lebih besar. Bersabar dan terus bersabar dengan dugaan dan cabaran. Hanishaizi Sacrifice Glam Quote afternoon linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
Guiding partners on social media marketing. This is where GLAM taught us in an Enterprenuership Program. Be Young, Be Rich, Be Beautiful. Greenleaders Hanishaizi Coffeebean Apple mac mentor leadership business linazahrahdotcom linazahrah piccollage
My mentor @hanis payslip 2 years back where she earned RM99k a month, but now after 4 years in business she can consistently earned 6 figures with RM250k/month! Monthly ok! Yes, i'm on the right path & in the right mentor could guide me all the way! Business Greenleaders Hanishaizi Mentor coaching linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
Salah satu Tips Murah rezeki -> Solat Dhuha. Sebaik-baiknya solat Dhuha ini dikerjakan setiap hari kerana ia mempunyai banyak kelebihan dan fadhilatnya, dimana seseorang itu akan memperolehi keampunan Allah SWT, murah rezeki dan ketenangan jiwa serta kehidupan. Tips Amalan Sharing  Hanishaizi gooddeed - sharing from @hanis Alhamdulillah sama-sama ingat-mengingati.
Hanis with partners from Qatar! Our business has spread to outsider. As an Pioneer in Social Media Marketing, there is no boundaries to introduce our business outside of Malaysia. And we make it through! Alhamdulillah, here it is! Pbqatar Glamprenuer Glam Hanishaizi world success gorgeous arabian linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
GLAMpreneurs at Dearhanishaizi Chanel Party at Platinum Suites e@curve. Thanks a lot Hanis organising this event. ;D Hanishaizi Linazahrah Glam white black chanel
What happen now in Bukit Kiara GLAMpreneur is having a Dynamic Entreprenuer Program by Winston Wong. Proud to be under GLAM! Towards successful and dynamic business person! Glampreneur Greenleadersacademymalaysia Hanishaizi Mindakaya winstonwong
Millions thankssss CDM hanis for your time yesterday. In Sha Allah will do my best & learn as much from u. :) Lets Rawk GLAM Northern! Learning Hanishaizi Mentoring Success ipoh perak oldtown coffee
"I Am Living My Dream" - Hanis Haizi. Inspiring & motivating story from her. She is living in a fab lane, from just a plain housewife to 6 figures lady! Pagi-pagi baca pun terus semangat. ; D Premiumbeautiful Business Hanishaizi Linazahrah linazahrahdotcom inspire nona magazine fabulous
Yess CDM @hanis & CDM @razalizain representing GLAM in Bella Award! And guess what @elainedaily is wearing Premium Beautiful corset. Oh how lucky we are to be under GLAM because media massa and media electronic give full support to us! So its easy rite to do this business. ^_^ Bella Ntv7 Hanishaizi AWARD razalizain glam glampreneurs linazahrah elaindaily
Repost with clear picture. ;) Thanks Hanis for always trusting on me. InsyaAllah will always support you. Terima kasih yang tak terucap. Hehe.. You are always look Young & Fabulous! Oldschoolpicture Hanishaizi Hanishaizisweet19 Birthdayshoutout
Today i had a very joyful day, Business meeting and setting Shanghai project for my partner with my Mentor @hanis. Then later, Hanis brought us to Chanel. Weee.. Terbang tinggiiii! And guess what?! First Chanel from me! Alhamdulillah.. Business Meeting Hanishaizi Chanel shopping klcc coaching linazahrahdotcom piccollage fashion beautiful
That is how we keep on moving & energized! GREEN LEADERS ACADEMY MALAYSIA awesomazing. Hanishaizi Mentoring O -group Coching greenleaders glampreneurs linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
Start your journey with GLAM! Low Capital, Big Income, just in GLAM. Glampreneurs Greenleaders Hanishaizi Success bigincome online marketing linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
Travel with GLAM just amazing! U can start at the minimal but if you follow every steps of the way, you too can be successful GLAMpreneur. So, this is the time to start the journey during the trip incentive. Glampreneurs Glam Hanishaizi Freetrip bigincome info businesstrip mindpower mindset justdoit millionairesproject
Dedicated to my both mentors @hanis & @razalizain. First thing I saw them because of their spirit in developing people. They had lifted a person's vision to high sights, raising of a person's performance to a higher standard & they build of our personality beyond its normal limitations. They know the ways, go the way & show the way. GLAM produced high standard Enterpreneur. Its guaranteed you'll be somebody just like them. Be part of GLAM! Hanishaizi Premiumbeautifultopagent Enterpreneur High standard business greenleaders linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
Business meeting! Premiumbeautiful Business Hanishaizi Dome thecurve coffeebean
Proud to be direct protege of @hanis coz I always get exclusive one on one session from her. Always guide and never failed to give her commitment me in whatever situation pun. Inspired her spirit. Never felt tired with what I'm doing coz like i always said i truly inspired with her spirit and determination. *terbang ke awan. Next week will be flying off to europe with GLAMpreneurs. Enjoyssss! Hanishaizi Mentor Training Glam greenleadersgroup linazahrah linazahrahdotcom inspire
Time waits for no man! Last night session with brilliant man, CDM @razalizain. A man shared a lot of experiences in this industry for 4 years up until GLAM was built in 2010. We conquer the world! Glam Greenleadersgroup Hanishaizi Razalizain premiumbeautiful success thebest coaching mentoring linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
Done lunch meeting with wanie & Hanishaizi . Mari solat Asar sebelum gerak ke next agenda! Klcc Meeting Hanishaiziprotege glamprenuer homepreneur
Alhamdulillah everything went very well. Celebrating @hanis birthday at her crib with Hanishaiziproteges . We are like brothers & sisters. We love our mentor so much, this is something special for you hanis. Hehe.. Good Night! Hanishaizisweet19 Hanishaizi Hanishaiziprotege celebration birthday surprise linazahrahdotcom
Adore her spirit eventhough tengah pregnant. Tak pernah kenal erti penat walaupun malam sebelum tu dah inject turbo to us & tidur hanya beberapa jam, awal pagi gerak ke sabah untuk bagi seminar to Glamsabah . The next day pulak coaching ang trained the Corporate Woman from Glamunited . She never say NO! Her Mind Power & Mind Energy very strong. Seorang yang dah sangat succes but still work hars for business partners. ALL ROUNDER! Salute Hanishaizi mindpower mindenergy powerful mentor leadership greenleadersacademymalaysia GLAM linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
Yeayyyyy dapat jugak akhirnya tengok my mentor in business Hanishaizi @ Tonton . Semalam tak dapat tengok. She is now has 40++ Designer Handbags!!!! Earning 200k a month. Fainted! Hanis memang fashion up to date. Now, semua business partners aiming to get trademark Glam Chanel Brooch! Yeehuuuu.. With all guidance and team work project this is not possible to get. Alhamdulillah. Thanks a lot @hanis being a great leader. really really appreciate you! ;D
Alhamdulillah. Those photos are the journey in my business. From personal coaching, seminars/events/trips, rewards/awards, beauty consultant. Not only that, i have met a beautiful friendship in GLAM. ;) millions thanks to Hanishaizi for being there always. ;) Happy