We are committed glampreneurs and Hanishaiziproteges . @ecakcadre Futureleaders Seminar MarriotPutrajaya greenleadersacademymalaysia
Learning process is a journey. Secepat mana atau selambat mana pun kita, kene belajar dan sentiasa belajar. With the right knowledge and the right guidance we could go far. I have the best mentors & the best mates in GLAM. Alhamdulillah. Glampreneurs Hanishaiziproteges Igmalaysia TTDI friendship
Alhamdulillah everything went very well. Celebrating @hanis birthday at her crib with Hanishaiziproteges . We are like brothers & sisters. We love our mentor so much, this is something special for you hanis. Hehe.. Good Night! Hanishaizisweet19 Hanishaizi Hanishaiziprotege celebration birthday surprise linazahrahdotcom